10,000 Satoshi's a Day, Every Day
10,000 BTC
10,000 Satoshi's a Day, Every Day

By Thomas Wolf | wickedthewolf | 29 Mar 2020

This post is about how I made it (to and through) my goal of earning 10,000 Satoshi's a day with little to no effort.  I've now surpassed that a great deal.

It's not hard, and it doesn't take all day like some would think.  Faucets are not there for fortunes, but it doesn't hurt to collect from them if you are already at your computer earning.  It's called multi-tasking, I think they invented it in the 90's...

I'll break it down into two types of earners: Passive/Semi-Passive and GP2 or Get Paid To (do something, like surveys).


Cointiply is easily #1 for this.  Hands down, no debate.  And yes, I'm on the other GP2 earning sites.  Don't bother with those unless you can eat all the surveys on Cointiply every day like me :D

The easiest method to quickly earn coins is to activate booster "pods" and then grind surveys.  It's a particularly good time to be doing this because Cointiply holds its value relative to USD value, not the current Bitcoin value, and obtaining 20+% in boosters between pods and TheoremReach bonuses is very easy; I'm getting around 28% average in Theorem boosts.  Theorem pays disqualifications that are still worth more than faucet claims.

TapResearch offers similar disqualifications on the mobile app version.  If you are in an area that qualifies for surveys you'll make the $5 minimum withdrawal in no time at all, I should really be doing this even more as it makes far more than my posts here on Publish0x.  Proof of payment as of 3/29/2020:
Cointiply Payouts

Proof of payment as of 4/7/2020: This is proof some of you actually figured out how to earn on this site, because that is entirely in refs - I had never had refs prior to this post on Cointiply.  In case you didn't know I've been down with suspected (unconfirmed) COVID, which mean refs from here figured out how to do the same thing I am doing.  That pleases me because we are both making money as a result of this article, with confirmed cash outs in the comments:
Payment Proof 4-7

There are also the offerwalls, like app installs and game challenges.  I won Kings of Avalon Level 17 (They pay at level 16 FYI) in under 2 weeks, made the top 10 (You almost positively make the top 10 when you do) and won $27 off that offer alone.  Worked great in Bluestacks just like their app, too.  These are great when you are new but once they are used up they are used up - more do come along over time, though.

Current Publish0x Earning Totals as of 4/7/2020:

Token Earnings

DAI Stablecoin 0.9501 DAI ($0.97) 2.8747 DAI ($2.93) Basic Attention Token 46.3108 BAT ($7.84) 298.3195 BAT ($50.51)

I'll note I've put more than that back into my posts, but the money is still there...making more money.  I enjoy writing here, it's not my biggest earner but it's far from my smallest!  Currently holding over 1$ per day, and I do not write articles every single day, albeit often.


Some of my favorites.  Mostly it's paid-to-watch videos such as on HideoutTV which you can run silently on a spare device or when you are not using your computer.  You'll need to switch channels up and clear your cookies/cache regularly to get the most ads and thus payments, but it works.  Oh, and before you send your points to Cointiply, activate boosters first because they work on those too.  I suppose I would consider my 1-2 time daily (for 100% loyalty) faucet claims to fall in this category as well.  Requires minimal clicking/effort but will not pay as well as surveys.  VideoFox is another good paid-to-watch video service on Cointiply - I like to run them overnight on my laptop.

Coinpot can be a good earner if you stay constant on it but I can easily tell you your time would be better spent doing surveys with boosters - I've yet to find a way to earn money faster than that on any earning site.  31+ Payments back to back shows that other sites pay more, but it does pay.

I just put in for my 32nd withdrawal.  I'll note I try to cash out near the minimum as I've heard their support is non-existent.
CP Confirmation

I have to remind myself that these have confirmation emails, lol - they take 5-10 minutes sometimes, but they show:
CP Payment Proof
Update 4/7/20: I'm now at 35 withdrawals halfway to 36.  While I get far more ref claims on Coinpot, I highly recommend you grind on Cointiply instead - the numbers are there that my method works for earning faster there, you make more and I make more.  I still hit the faucets for loyalty everyday.


My current and new favorite is Honeygain which already has me up to just shy of $4 in one week and I haven't noticed the tiniest amount of lag.  That one comes with a $5 bonus too which makes your first $20 payout come 25% faster.  I've only been running two devices as well, I'm about to up this to three and see what it makes then.  Considering upgrading to fiber as my internet may actually pay for itself every month then, lol.  Other passive income would be the 5% APR which is compounded daily and paid weekly over on Cointiply.  It holds its worth with USD unrelated to market prices until it hits the exchange, so I recommend cashing out during dips.

Honeygain after 1 week on two devices, standard cable:
Honeygain 1 Week Progress
In case you are wondering why you don't see the $5 credit added in, I started with an account for my mothers computer after a Windows 10 reformat.  It does credit, right away.

Update 4-17-20:

I just published a payment proof article, HoneyGain is legit despite naysayers!

When I embarked on this idea of getting 10,000 Satoshi a day, every day, to HODL, invest or spend it seemed trivial and futile at first.  Now I am pulling well over this amount without breaking a sweat and doing just that.

I recommend you put your fingers in all the "paying pies" because this crypto really stacks up!  I go through countless sites, airdrops and etc. and verify which are legit and how to best earn on them.

Any questions are welcome, I will respond to comments.

-Thomas Wolf


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My Earners:
Cointiply - #1 Earner

Coinpot.co Faucets:

All Coinpot Faucets Pay 3 Tokens per claim + the claim amount and all convert to any other for free.  It's all Satoshi's.

HideoutTV - Passively pays you for "watching" videos with ads.
Honeygain - Passively pays you for using your extra bandwidth.  No lag, $5 Signup Bonus.

My Exchanges:

My Brokerages:
Robinhood - Free stock worth up to $200 when you sign up and deposit $100.
Sofi - $50+ Bonuses for new user deposits.

Brave Browser - If you don't already have it you're living under a rock.

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