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By jake penrose | Bitcoin News Daily | 20 Jun 2021

At this day in age its most peoples personal opinion that you should have Bitcoin in your portfolio! 

But if for some reason your still skeptical about investing in good old Bitcoin my goal is to clear the air in all 

past and present day rumors of bitcoin. 

so please i can only ask for a sub and some tips, I hope you enjoy and learn from me.



Things I plan to cover in this blog series 

  • What is bitcoin ?
  • who is behind bitcoin
  • daily updates and news about bitcoin ( all interesting news )

In conclusion I hope everyone reading can grow there portfolio and stay ahead of the trends by staying up to 

date with my new blog series !


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jake penrose
jake penrose

my name is jacob and im new to writing but im looking to learn and earn crypto wile doing so

Bitcoin News Daily
Bitcoin News Daily

providing you with clear as day evidence to why we all should be invested in bitcoin! here i will give you pros and cons of the current crypto space

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