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Martyrdom? Do Kwon Terra Luna Singlehandedly Brought Down The Banks - How?

By XTRM™ | Cryptopia | 21 Mar 2023

Martyrdom? Do Kwon Terra Luna Singlehandedly Brought Down The Banks - How? - I am no financial genius and I do not speak to the Cryptocurrency God's, so no taking me as Gospel in this gig yup?

Several months on from the complete and swift collapse of Terra Luna, at the time possibly the biggest and most controversial demise of a Cryptocurrency Company and two of its Blockchains - Terra Luna [LUNA] and the UST Stablecoin - in then Cryptocurrency history... I have since got to thinking that all the current Fiat World Bank collapses, and the demise of some now quite obviously shady Crypto Companies... Sam Bankman-Freid and FTX, Silver Valley Bank U.S and U.K. (SVB) - maybe it all started with Do Kwon and Terra Luna?

Do Kwon Police Skit

I mention 'martyrdom' quite purposefully, and I do hold a good amount of weight behind my logic and reasoning when I say 'martyrdom'... and just who is the 'martyr'? Or should this be a case of 'martyr's'? And why?

Since the collapse of Terra Luna a great deal has happened in the Cryptocurrency World. Much regulation has been brought about globally to counter any impropriety within the boardrooms of Cryptocurrency Companies... which has in turn seen some massive ramifications for criminals and dodgy investors... weeding out some bad eggs at FTX, SVB and several others, with no doubt more to follow.

Do Kwon's remaining loyal supporters from the now forked and restructured Terra Luna would argue Do Kwon and his 'sacrifices' could make him a Cryptocurrency Martyr... his remaining supporters as 'Disciples' in the new LUNA brand - many more would argue the remains of Terra Luna, [Terra Luna Classic (LUNC)] are nothing more than a 'Pump and Dump' hive.

My opinion would be that those who lost their whole livelihoods and savings from the collapse of FTX and Terra Luna... these good people who gave good faith to Do Kwon, Terra Luna; and later the FTX platform, losing collectively billions of dollars... these are the real martyrs - these people have helped bring about a huge shift in Cryptocurrency Regulations (some good, some bad). In turn helping to weed out some very dodgy criminal elements and terrible investments from scammers to boardrooms - which has not stopped at Cryptocurrency.


Now the Fiat World banking system is being shook to its foundations, with up to 200 banks in America alone now on a watchlist for potential collapse in 2023 - this has seen criminal elements from the Fiat financial system being exposed as with Cryptocurrency... it is a bizarre twist that the enemy parties have somehow colluded to bring about banking collapses, with some 'actor's being caught out in both world's.

Our FTX and Terra Luna martyrs hopefully saw some needed returns from the seeming benefit to Cryptocurrency with every spectacular Fiat banking implosion... with Bitcoin reaching levels not seen for what has seemed a lifetime, with some Altcoins following suit.

It remains to be seen how many more banks and dodgy Cryptocurrency Companies go bump in the night, and if at all Bitcoin and Crypto can continue to benefit from Fiat banking corruption and economic collapse...

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Altcoins proved something in March 2023 - They hold a seeming safe haven for investors and beyond - some people invested into crypto for the first time fearing a global banking run on savings... Bitcoin and some Alts proving to be more than a Hedge... rather more of a 'Property' or 'Commodity'... Long may this continue.


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