SCAM Alert!

SCAM Alert!

By DimitarM | Welcome to my life | 7 Feb 2020

So I woke in the middle of the night and didn't felt like sleeping more at the moment. Anyway I opened Youtube and started browsing for interesting videos. One thing caught my attention immediately was this video: "Atomic announced a Web Wallet | Get bonuses to 5 000 BTC".

It was a live stream on a channel called "Atomic Wallet" with 412 000 subscribers and has been going on for few hours. I started watching and it was a video of CEO's of Atomic Wallet and Changelly explaining about cryptocurrencies. As it was few hours long stream I didn't really have time or will to watch all of it so I headed up to the description where it was all "explained".


And now it strikes me that this is a complete scam and I started doing some checks:

1) checked twitter: such news surely have to be annonced on AW and Changelly's twitter. It not.

2) checked Facebook. No such information.

3) checked reddit. Zilch.

4) googled for such partnership. Again nothing.

So let me explain what is going on here. Somebody went through the trouble to buy this fake domain Then to build a website with complicated system to steal your private keys once you enter them in the website. And the curious thing is they are targeting people with over $500 USD in crypto. And the website looks completely legit.



This looks exactly like the original website of Atomic Wallet. Another thing to consider is the Youtube channel. It has over 400k subs. It's called "Atomic Wallet", but there isn't single other video on it. What I am guessing is happening here, that this channel is simply some poor Youtube creator stolen lifework, all videos deleted and channel renamed to match their needs.

The main point here guys is, "DO NOT FALL EVER FOR SUCH CRAP". No legit company will ask you for your private keys. This simply cannot happen.

In conclusion I want to say this, I believe Atomic Wallet and Changelly are victims here. I do not believe they are in any way involved in this.


I really enjoy Publish0x!

Welcome to my life
Welcome to my life

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