Issue between Presearch and Brave seems to be resolved

By DimitarM | Welcome to my life | 6 Apr 2021

The issue between Presearch from a few days ago I reported here seems now to be resolved.

Currently, the Presearch add-on works perfectly with Brave shields-up as it was before. And now we are using the new Presearch engine. 

For those who don't know it is best to swap this their PRE accounts:

do this:

- Go to

- Search for ‘Presearch Engine’ in the ‘Filter Providers’ field.

- Click on the P_ icon to add it to your list of engines.

- Drag it all the way to the left after it’s been added to your row of search engines.

- Click on D_ for Dsearch, then choose ‘Remove’ from the menu that appears.

- The next time you search, it should give you the new engine.

This is the official word from the Presearch support. And my observation for the past few days that the new engine is far superior to the old one - it works faster and the search results seem to be comparable to Google, which I am unable to say for the old one.

What would be helpful is if this gets automatically implemented with an update of the extension because currently, everyone has to go manually over this process, which is not optimal for me.

In general, I am glad the issue with Brave and Presearch was resolved and I won't have to choose between both of those services I use every day.

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