Splinterlands - Introduction

Hi guys! 

In this blog I talk about Splinterlands, a fantastic card game in the Steem blockchain. 


This card game can keep you company when you don't know what to do, but with it you can also earn crypto (Steem and DEC)!

The particularity of this game is that you are the owner of the cards you find: in fact you can sell and buy cards for DEC, the crypto of this game.

I exchange DEC for money in a few simple steps:

-I pass deck to the steem engine wallet and convert DEC to Steem in this wallet;

-I send the Steem in another wallet (for example Binance);

-I convert the steem in Bitcoin and send in a wallet where you can withdraw in currencies like euro, dollars or pound (for example Coinbase);

-I withdraw my money.

Today market Price: 1 DEC = 0.00233900 STEEM


There are 4 ways to earn crypto: 

1) complete the daily quest, you earn free card, DEC or potions;

2) win free entry tournaments; there are a lot of tournaments every day, and a lot of this are with free entry.

3) with the awards at the end of the season, in fact every 14 days there is a new season, and based on the league position you are in, you earn free cards (from 5 to 150)

4)at the end of every battle won, you earn some DEC.


If you want to earn daily rewards, you will spend $10 at the begging. Don't worry: in a short time you will have recovered that money, and even more! 

In conclusion, I recommend anyone to try this game, you will not regret it! 

For those who already play, what do you think about this card game? 





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Welcome in Splinterlands!
Welcome in Splinterlands!

Hi everybody! In this blog I'm talking about Splinterlands, a card game connected to the steem blockchain. I recommend everyone to go and watch it, because it is really fun and innovative and it allows everyone to earn money in some time.

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