The Best Weight Loss Tips, According to a Nutritionist

The Best Weight Loss Tips, According to a Nutritionist

By weightloss | Weight Loss | 14 May 2020

In order to lose fat, the most important thing you need is Determination to Look Good and Remain Healthy.

Definitely you need to be on a proper diet and exercise schedule , in order to be in shape.

  1. Workout regularly, atleast 5-6 days a week. The pattern of your workout should be changed every month as your body gets habitual to one kind of workout. Your workout should be a mix of muscle training as well as cardio as both have their specific significance. Below is a brief description of exercises that can be done:


Strength Training:

  • Light strength training is required for everybody to raise the stamina and retain muscle mass. These include dumbbells (weight lifting), push ups etc. People who want to build muscles need to focus on muscle training especially.

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  • Running/Jogging: Many people think that running or jogging might cause a trouble in their knees. However body is just like a machine, the more it exercises (maintaining a good nutrition), more young one remains. And just like machines that doesn't work get their parts jammed, same is the case with body.
  • Lunges: These are very helpful in toning of your lower body and maintaining hamstrings, calves and core muscles. One can even do it with weights in hand.
  • Cycling: Cycling again a very good measure to keep the lower body toned. It can moreover be used for travelling short distances, that breaks the sedentary lifestyle.
  • Staircase: Simply climbing up and down the stairs helps in losing fat from the lower body as well as improves overall strength and fitness.
  • Crunches: This is an abdominal exercise that helps in building the abdominal muscles along with toning up the body.
  • Yoga: Some specific types of yoga helps in losing belly fat like Cobra pose, Bow Posture, Pontoon Posture, Board etc.

     2. Diet: Anything you eat should not be too much into a meal, say instead of having 400 ml milk at a time, take it 200-200 ml twice a day; instead of having 250 g of any fruit at a time, take 100-100 g of seasonal fruit twice a day; instead of having 4 or 5 chapattis in your lunch or dinner, take mid meal snacks so that you feel less hungry at your lunch and dinner time.


Some of good snacking options are- Roasted Almonds- Walnuts, Roasted Bajra Puffs, Roasted Jowar Puffs, Roasted Black Chana, Roasted Flakes (Gluten Free Oats, Wheatflakes, Ragi Flakes etc) & Murmura Bhel, Multigrain Sandwich with Hummus or Peanut Butter, Boiled Egg White with Hummus, Detox Smoothies, Fruit with low Fat Yoghurt, Buttermilk, Small piece of Roasted Chicken/ Fish (No Cornflour or refined Flour).

  • Take a wholesome breakfast within two hours of getting up.
  • Add small snack in Mid morning.
  • Take a moderate Lunch.
  • Again add small snack in evening.
  • Take a very light dinner, but don’t skip.
  • Avoid sugar and desserts mostly, occasionally take them. Do not ever take fruits as your dinner or as your dessert.
  • Lastly, take more and more of fluids (not fruit juices) to keep your body hydrated and lose fat fast. Warm water is good to increase your metabolism.

Take small and frequent meals with low carbohydrate, low fat, high fiber and moderately high protein diet; i.e take more of salads, sprouts, fruits with peels, multigrain cereals like oats, pulses with husk, boiled egg white, boiled chicken etc.

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