Top 10 Publish0x Posts (2/7/21 - 2/13/21)

By mxrs | Weekly Top 10 | 16 Feb 2021

Here are the top 10 most popular posts from the past week (2/7/21 - 2/13/21) on Publish0x, ranked by amount earned.  

The amount earned will change with time so amounts here may not reflect current values.

I hope you get some value from the posts that resonated most with users last week!

 1. #UplandPublish0x Writing Contest and Twitter Giveaway: $1000 In ETH Rewards!, by Igor Tomić, $15.97 


2. Why $AMPL Will Be A Better Digital Cash Than Bitcoin, by Brawnd0, $15.37


3. I’ve Put $7,000 Into 7 DeFI Platforms 7 Months Ago [My Earnings: Week 28], by Brawnd0, $14.60


4. Guess $AMPL Rebase Competition - Round 4: Giving Away $200 In $AMPL, by Igor Tomić, $12.83 


5. How To Get 425 Nervos X From Coinmarketcap Earn, by Cryptonator’s, $10.47 


6. My New Plan For How To Accumulate More Ethereum, by johnwege, $9.65 


7. Federal Reserve Will Cause 2021 Bitcoin Dumps (Diamond Hands), by AlucardLife, $9.08


8. Crypto Passive Income Guide - 2021, by paragism, $8.65 


9. Serious Questions Raised Over Elon Musk’s Bitcoin Tweets, by rah, $8.42 


10. DeFi TVL soars to $55B, by Abhimanyu Krishnan, $6.97


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Weekly Top 10
Weekly Top 10

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