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So is ATT a good bye as it falls

By steverobert | wealth concepts | 30 Nov 2021

As a novice investor with many years I have learned that dividend stocks are a good investment.

I like ATT above $27 today it fell below 23 to 22.72. It pays an 8.71% dividend at that price.

So if it does nothing but remain stable I gain over 8% for the  money I invest. The bank is paying .001% so money in the bank is a lose.

Yes the stock can still go down but that means I buy more when I reinvest the dividend they pay me.

ATT is not going anywhere so a total lose in very very rare, for a long term investment with the new infrastructure bill passed and soon money pouring into building the infrastructure for Internet access for all, ATT will have a lot of work and money flowing in too.

So I recommend buying on this dip and collect dividends until the rise and cash out or hold depending on your need. The longer you hold the more dividends they will pay you.


Look at Tezos if investing in crypto and staking for an over 4% return.


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Tip like its not your money, because its not its free.



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