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Coinpot’s new VIP program, is it worth it?

23 Sep 2020 1 minute read 0 comments steverobert

I believe the 1st level is use useless except for the .02% interest. On the low number of tokens under 100K the rewards are not worth it. I moved all my dogecoin to coinpot tokens as they seem to grow the fastest. After doing that I made the 100K mar...

Sharing a little Springtime

8 Apr 2020 1 minute read 0 comments steverobert

Just wanted to share a little Spring time in Chicago with everyone, My girl Sandy loves walking in the park near my house.

Creating a Template user for MS Active Directory

21 Mar 2020 1 minute read 0 comments steverobert

One of the features on Novell NDS or E-Directory was a template user. You could create all the setting you wanted in a group of users in a template user and then when you create a new user you would use the template and it would fill in the values. I...

Know your ISP, how far is the Internet from you

21 Mar 2020 1 minute read 0 comments steverobert

Most people don't know how far away the real internet is from their PC. When you perform 2 tracert commands you can tell where your ISP ends and the Internet begins and be able to better troubleshoot slow connections. her...

Cisco router commands for configuration

21 Mar 2020 5 minute read 1 comment steverobert

  Command   Explanation   Basic mode changing commands   router is used for generic router name and Lab-b for name after change   router> enable          Move from User to Privilege mode. Prompt changes from Routername> to routername#   router# confi...

The true cost of the virus on the US and its citizens.

21 Mar 2020 1 minute read 1 comment steverobert

The true cost of the Corona Virus on the US is several months off. As people load up on toilet paper, food and water they are running up credit card debt. Evictions have been put on hold as it is expected many people will be out of work. Benefits fro...

IS L7 a scam, not sure but I have checked my transactions they appear real

21 Sep 2019 1 minute read 4 comments steverobert

Ok so I wanted to see if the transaction I was told happened actually did happen. I know the site may be scam but if the transaction is real, then why walk away with 400 million with what they charge 40% of the transaction, they can walk away with 40...

Is using L7 arbitrage better if using BTC or LTC or XLM? Is bigger better

20 Aug 2019 1 minute read 0 comments steverobert

Hi I've read a few of the other posts on L7 arbitrage trading and have tried it myself. Is a good article, an...

Why pay to play a candy crushing game when you can make money playing several games.

12 Aug 2019 1 minute read 0 comments steverobert

I'm on level 2032 crushing candy, i have not paid for power ups and other promos, but know people that have spent hundreds playing. I use the game to relax and get ready for bed to clam my mind with something simple. I tried reading but it gets my mi...

L7 trading platform raises trading limits on low cost cryptocurrencies.

1 Aug 2019 1 minute read 1 comment steverobert

There have been a few articles abut arbitrage trading and the L7 tading platform. I starting trading my $14 of XLM (about 8-9 cents a coin) only 2 days ago, but I guess many of you followed suit. They have raised the trading of two of their lower cos...


A few alternatives for the Publish0x gas problem.

10 Sep 2020 MadMaxx

10 September 2020
BNB or other token works

MyCrypto Wallet VS. Atomic Wallet?

30 Aug 2020 Snarf

30 August 2020
Unless there is a clear advantage, why switch. Publisher0x probably gets a kickback for recommending a wallet. So they made some off atomic so when you also sign up for the other they make commission again. If there is no clear advantage, why switch?

Why LBRY is the future of video platform

22 Aug 2020 kasra_mp

22 August 2020
I like the idea, but to many streaming issues, videos slow or pause while watching

US Opposition to a Cashless Economy and Why I Support One

16 Jul 2020 tipplenurkey

16 July 2020
US dollar has not been backed by gold or solver since the 70's

What do we know & don’t know about COVID-19 so far?

15 Jul 2020 fklivestolearn

15 July 2020
Some of your info while statistically correct makes assumptions that are not fact based. Next time only science not politics and assumptions.

Earn $1,000+ for FREE

18 Jun 2020 Enlightened

18 June 2020
sign up by facebook or google only no email option, so site gets access to your social media accounts

🤑 Goldman Sachs says that Bitcon is not an asset

29 May 2020 resiliencia

29 May 2020
Did you read the quote you used. She stated blockchain is optimistic not bitcoin. The two are different. The blockchain tech is what they will be backing not bitcoin.

Is it worth your time? A closer look at RollerCoin

16 May 2020 Khazrakh

16 May 2020
Good review and accurate, I still play I like the relaxing old school games, and if I make a little I'll take it over spending money playing candy crush. Use the games to relax not make cash

The worst Bitcoin scams from 2011 to 2018

18 Apr 2020 ManCrypto

18 April 2020
You missed the L7 site scam


17 Apr 2020 Bronson23

17 April 2020
All these stocks did not loose value and may have short-long term value I think oil stocks like BP that got hit by low oil prices and covid-19 are a great value and will provide high gains when they recover

What Items Should Be In Your Personal Pandemic Stockpile?

5 Mar 2020 crypto_moose

06 March 2020
add vitamin C to the list

L7 Trade - Technical Works?! 🔧 🔨 Or did someone just steal about 20-30 Million Dollars?! 💰💰💰 - 'Hope Finally Died'! L7Trade RIP

23 Sep 2019 carpediem

24 September 2019
I had hope, it seemed more profitable to actually run the service then just do a quick grab. The deltas were real, so there is money to be made running such a service and make money using others peoples money, I'll take a loss if its fake, but there was hope and still is, until tomorrow

L7 trade is a scam.

15 Sep 2019 Groonie

21 September 2019
the site you linked has a link to I7, so might be getting a referral. I have been on L7 for 40 days with great results and just stepped through verifying a transaction.

L7 trade is a scam.

15 Sep 2019 Groonie

21 September 2019
So there are pointers to a scam but you can verify the transactions. see my post with the data. I'm going to ride it for a little longer

L7Trade - Day 26 Profits Update 📈 | CryptoHands - Day 7 Profits Update 💲💲💲 | Bitstadium - a new Adventure 😁

19 Aug 2019 carpediem

19 August 2019
I like L7 but would like it more if trades happened faster and that almost 60% of the money made on a trade didn't to to L7 and the other exchanges involved. 1332 XLM transaction Counterparty/sale: 2.7382846 XLM Counterparty/purchase: 2.7382846 XLM L7.TRADE: 8.4254911 XLM Delta/client: 7.1616675 XLM Partner: 1.5039502 XLM Total transaction: 5.6577173 XLM I get 5.6 L7 gets 8.4 partner(who?) gets 1.5 plus another 5 to 2 counterparty - Its still better then nothing but you can see why L7 does it, they make more with my money then I do Still going to do as many as possible faster then faucets.

Rent us your desktop and earn up to $50/month.

19 Aug 2019 gors3333

19 August 2019 is a great CPU sharing that supports research.

Free alternative to collectiong cryptocurrency.

10 Aug 2019 cryptosOG

11 August 2019
Great is it posted?

Free alternative to collectiong cryptocurrency.

10 Aug 2019 cryptosOG

10 August 2019
I like simple click sites that earn and then will pay interest after a certain level. is a good one.

How to make 1 Bitcoin Fast and easy?

29 Jul 2019 ModernEuler

30 July 2019
Sorry wrong site, have not cashed out yet. is the site that has not paid and no tech support reply

How to make 1 Bitcoin Fast and easy?

29 Jul 2019 ModernEuler

30 July 2019
sent 2 emails several days apart and no reply from support. Please let me know if you get paid, i may try again

Liked Articles

Support US veterans with BAT

23 Aug 2020 1 minute read comments TurboBurger

As most Brave users know, hundreds of thousands of YouTube, Twitter and Reddit users have joined the BAT revolution and are now accepting tips from their fans. What's lesser known, however, is the growing list of charities and non-profit organization...

Coinbase IPO by early 2021

9 Jul 2020 1 minute read comments GilVMedia

According to a recent article on Reuters, "Exclusive: Crypto exchange Coinbase readies landmark stock market listing, sources say," anonymous sources report that Coinbase Inc, has began planning for a stock market listing for the end of 2020 or early...

What if this virus plot fires back at China in a totally unexpected way?

12 Apr 2020 2 minute read comments

Following is an opinion.  We know that China knew about the virus and did not let the world know.  In our opinion (emphasizing the opinion part), WHO has acted complacent in this whole ploy of transmitting the disease across the globe when it could h...

Earn Money From Your Photos - APPICS

28 Mar 2020 1 minute read comments fycee

You read it right! Earning money in as easy as taking photos of yourself, friends, places, inanimate objects and even former photos you had a long time ago. Just make sure it's yours and you're ready to start your career with us. The Beta-phase has a...

How Long Is The Corona Virus Going To Make Crypto Shit The Bed?

13 Mar 2020 1 minute read comments smegnard

    Stock up on your toilet paper folks.... for some reason or other.... OH! I remember why!  Because Crypto has shat the bed and bled rectally for the last day or two.  If you are a firm believer in Crypto then now might be the time to buy when you...

Tezos has reached $3!!!

12 Feb 2020 1 minute read comments CryptoChopATL

Hello everybody, I hope you had a great day today.  Tonight I want to talk about Tezos or $XTZ. This is a coin that I think has some serious potential coming up.  Who knows how far the price will go.  I am in it for the long haul though.  My best gu...

Why are Tezos, BNB and other alts outperforming Bitcoin?

10 Feb 2020 2 minute read comments MadMaxx

Who else noticed? Tezos is up 118% since January the first. BNB is up over 38% since January the first. Litecoin is up 16% since January the first. BAT is up 10% since January the first. Bitcoin is hardly up 15% since January the first.  What the h...

Bitcoin at $10k: What happens next?

9 Feb 2020 2 minute read comments MadMaxx

It's a great day for cryptocurrencies everywhere. Bitcoin just hit the $10k mark, and I'm excited as hell. Here is the chart: Looking at the price movement the whole of yesterday, we can see that the price ranges significantly in the upside. There w...


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