L7 trading platform raises trading limits on low cost cryptocurrencies.

By steverobert | wealth concepts | 1 Aug 2019

There have been a few articles abut arbitrage trading and the L7 tading platform. I starting trading my $14 of XLM (about 8-9 cents a coin) only 2 days ago, but I guess many of you followed suit. They have raised the trading of two of their lower cost coins, due to high volume and low profits.

I will not have to wait to get more funds, I only invest my faucet income so its small.


the new limits are

- XLM (Stellar) - 750 XLM; from 20

- BTG (Bitcoin Gold) - 2.5 BTG. from 1

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http://freedoge.co.in/?r=3895343 have hit the 5 and 50 coins a few times



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wealth concepts

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