Why I still play Alien Worlds sometimes

By ASkyeNFT | WAX Adventures | 11 Aug 2021

Okay, so I think we've all seen how horrific the CPU situation currently is on WAX. Perform a few transactions, and before you know it you're out of CPU! Of course, this has affected Alien Worlds like crazy....really, only people who have massive amounts of CPU stakes can really play AW decently anymore. Those of us who don't have a whole lot of WAX to stake...well, we're left to just mine occasionally when we can. And at this point, it really doesn't feel all that worth it anymore.

So why do I dutifully continue to chip away at my CPU with my trusty standard shovels? Any sane person would tell me that it really isn't worth it. And deep down, I know that I could probably put my WAX to better use. But, TLM is still holding its value pretty well, and I am able to occasionally cash in for a couple WAX. As someone who really does not have much, the occasional 3-5 WAX really can help me out. So, I continue to mine.

I also have hope that some day...maybe even some day soon...CPU will go back to not being quite as huge a problem. Maybe some day we can go back to the good old days of being able to mine all day long. Perhaps I just haven't had anyone smack me hard enough yet to stop me. AW is what started my WAX adventures...and it continues to hold a special place in my heart.

Overall though, I really do think it's still relevant, and still has potential. It's just a little bit...slow right now, for those of us who would be considered "extremely poor".

Or am I just completely delusional, wrong about everything, making terrible mistakes, and wasting away in front of my PC for no reason in the long run? I would love to hear in the comments what you all have to say, both positive and negative.

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