Humanity begins to understand
Humanity begins to understand

By CryptoManiaC | **Walkman** | 18 Jun 2019

Bitcoin in the viewfinder of the biggest players

Statistics from the best-known foreign search engines, such as, rank Bitcoin as a word that has been increasingly sought after by users and is therefore at the top of the list of the most frequently searched words.


No wonder at all. Bitcoin is more interesting every day due to its constant price growth. This currency is also played by the huge support of the Bitcoin community. The advantage of Bitcoin is above all the possibility of minimal purchase of this currency. Thus, the user can only purchase mere fractions of Bitcoin from a few dollars. Beginners who only want to touch this currency and try it out with faucets that give them the fractions of this currency, such as ...


Bitcoin Award

Bitcoin is now experiencing a moment when it has relatively quickly gained its value per coin and the market is beginning to be wary. The highest recorded value so far was in January 2017, when Bitcoin reached a price of $ 20,000 per coin. However, as soon as these values have been reached, its price has fallen again below 5000 USD per coin. Now the price is back to more than $ 9000 and continues to grow.




Just a bloated bubble?

Bitcoin market is divided into investors supporting this currency, common users and last but not least people who claim that Bitcoin is just an investment bubble that must one day burst. However, it should be noted that the so-called Bubble in the case of bitcoin has been spoken since the very beginning of this currency. When bitcoin was a hundred dollars six years ago, it was supposed to be a bubble. When it was more expensive for a thousand dollars, it was just a bubble that would soon fade. The same was true when the two thousand and then three thousand borders were exceeded. Now one bitcoin is sold for over $ 9,000. But - again, it's just a bubble. The overwhelming majority of economists are in danger of being embarrassed.


Bitcoin would therefore have to be with its current price long above all bubbles, considering the fact that Bitcoin differs from known investment bubbles, not only because it is not possible to artificially affect its price, but also its historical development.


But what do professionals and founders of the only Czech Bitcoin community say say?

“The thing is, every other person who starts using Bitcoin increases his value. Several years ago, Bitcoin has been used by several million people. There are several billion in the world. "How do you think this will happen?" Says one of the representatives of the Bitcoin community,

“It is only a matter of time before you move from the IT maniac's box to the modern pioneer for most people, who earned it at the beginning. We are still a minority, we are still at the beginning, but that is good, because it can be used and we are definitely using it. For people who don't know how to get started this message: The option is here and it's called Arbolet. Therefore, we are creating this system. We strive to help people in their first steps” adds the founder of Bitcoin Education Service in the Czech Republic.


Price development forecasts

The Bitcoin Award has many predictions and forms for future years. Only with mining can its prediction be predicted. However, there is one fact that users of this miraculous currency can stick to. In the past, Bitcoin prices were predicted by the world's most famous and experienced analysts. One of them is the legendary shop called "masterluc". His best-known piece is the forecast of the record price from late 2013 and the downward market. On December 6, 2013, when the price was $ 1,100, he said: "On the third day I ask myself," Is this the end? ". And on the third day, the answer to this question is "YES". And thus ends the historically first period of growth of Bitcoin 2010-2013. ”



If this does not seem impressive enough, the masterluc predicted the subsequent bearish market, which has lasted for years. And all two days before the fall, at historic highs of around $ 1,240. Then he wrote: "Thank you Satoshi and the community, I'm still here. But I plan to enter the market for 2016-2017. "

It is also worth mentioning the predictions of the founders of the Czech Bitcoin community Arbolet, who published an article on May 29, 2016, where they say: "Within 2-3 years we will see the Bitcoin price above $ 3000 (72,000 CZK) for one and with a probability probably this year" . Bitcoin price 530 $ (12800 CZK) at the time this forecast was published

You can find the originals of their forecasts here:


This original, at the same time controversial service is the only one in the Czech Republic and the first one to gain thanks to its investment experience, especially in alternative financial options, such as Bitcoin, which already has tens of thousands of users to whom this exceptional service brings daily benefits and privacy , which is, unfortunately, very little in today's Internet.


Without emotion and especially sober

Leaving aside all the predictions of price development and getting away from the influences of the outside world, especially the massages that attack us from all sides, we can, with a clear conscience and pure mind, believe that the future of Bitcoin is in the hands of the people as such. If Bitcoin manages to overcome the imaginary limit of self-perception among ordinary people, as an opportunity and modern alternative finance, a very promising future awaits this currency. Still, Bitcoin is basically at the beginning and many obstacles are still waiting for him to finish.










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