5 stages of development of Cardano cryptocurrency (ADA)

By Lềm Thị Phiến | An an | 31 May 2020

1.Byron: Cardano's opening phase with community development and ADA coin issuance. Regarding the network, it will work by the designated nodes and the block reward is burnt.

2.Shelly: This is when the Cardano network becomes more decentralized and staking.

3.Goguen: This is the time when the Cardano network deployed smart contracts and sidechains. This means that developers can develop Dapps on Cardano.

4.Basho: The Cardano stage of optimizing the scalability and interaction between other blockchains.

5.Voltaire: This is the last piece that makes Cardano become a self-operated network of the community. Users will be able to vote and vote to influence the development of the network.

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Lềm Thị Phiến
Lềm Thị Phiến


An an
An an

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