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By virtugrana | VirtuGrana | 24 Jun 2021

The need for intuitiveness and simplicity in the blockchain world is growing. This crypto world is surrounded by challenges and news that are not always so intuitive for those who are just starting. For example, when we start to learn about a new cryptocurrency and its features, we look for tutorials and guides that are not always attractive, because, for those who don’t understand programming much, it can be difficult to follow several lines of code or commands.

Fortunately, we have interfaces, platforms, and tools that might be a little easier to deal with. For example, when I started in the WAX world, I was amazed by the possibilities and diversity of cool projects. I even created my collection of NFTs to improve my design skills. But I missed something more intuitive to perform drops or create packs.

The AtomicHub platform does not have a native pack or drop creation interface. Previously, it was possible to create drops even in a not so simple way, but through contracts, being managed through the explorer Packs too, but it was necessary to develop a platform to manage and interact with contracts.

Seeing this problem or challenge in the wax world, the NeftyBlocks team built their platform. So, get to know, through this article, the NeftyBlocks platform.

What is NeftyBlocks?

NeftyBlocks is a platform for managing collections on the WAX blockchain. The developed tools are very easy and intuitive to use. With them, it is possible to create drops, packs, and blends very easily.

Imagine neftyblocks as an enabling layer to manage the contracts needed to create packs, drops, or blends in the wax blockchain. In a way, it can also be understood as a secondary marketplace, but focused on collection drops, as was recently highlighted by the DappRadar portal.


The platform design is very beautiful and simple, with shades of navy blue and light blue, developed intuitively and aimed at everyone, not only collection authors but also collectors who want to acquire NFTs through drops or make blends.


How does it work?

First, you need to log in with the Anchor or Wax Cloud Wallet on the platform. After that, you can manage your collections or collect drops from other collections that you are interested in. On the top bar, you can search for drops or blends from other collections. Or simply by searching for the collection you want and visiting the collection page.

Managing a Collection


In the “Manage Collections” part you will find several tool options. First, you need to authorize the accounts of each contract you want to use, whether it’s packs, drops, or blends so they can mint your collection’s NFTs, then put RAM into contracts for them to do this assignment.

You can also customize your collection page on NeftyBlocks, showing the versatility and customizable aspects of the platform for collection creators/authors.

There are some articles on NeftyBlocks Medium that can help you better how to perform drops, preminted drops, packs, and blends. But, the process is very simple and intuitive.



The founders of NeftyBlocks are José and Juan who are also the minds behind the Alpaca Worlds project. A collection of Alpacas art on the WAX blockchain, with a rather minimalist and adorable art style that I particularly like. A story that evolves according to the decisions of the collection’s fans. That is, Alpaca Worlds is a community-driven collection.

But, back to NeftyBlocks, the platform was initially developed by José and now has more developers, as well as marketing and designer. This shows that the concern to improve and have more quality in delivering something solid and comfortable for the WAX audience.


1*dl-T-zLf7O0WkjHpAr9SKA.png source: DappRadar

After the launch of NeftyBlocks, we noticed a growing increase in the number of users, choosing to use their platform, instead of the less intuitive method, using contracts at

In a way, let’s say that this attracted the eyes of some people to wax, who can see simpler and more creative ways (blending methods) to develop their collection.

As you can see below, we have a growing increase in the number of users and transactions using the neftyblocksd smart contract on the wax network.


I had no problems using the tools in NeftyBlocks to manage my collection. It’s all very simple and intuitive, in addition to being comfortable to use and customizable about the collection page. But and you? Have you ever used the Neftyblocks platform to collect or create a drop? Did you like it? Leave your opinion in the comments.

Thanks for reading this far. Grab your first Alpaca! (need wax cloud wallet)

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#Blockchain and #Crypto Enthusiast, promoter. Investor. Not a financial advisor of any form. If interested PM or add on Discord: VirtuGrana#3892

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