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By virtugrana | VirtuGrana | 24 Jun 2021

NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) have piqued the interest of many people recently. These types of unique tokens are typically characterized by the on-chain assurance of digital ownership or authenticity. Since they are non-fungible, they are not interchangeable in the same way as fungible tokens, meaning their values can fluctuate a lot when sold on NFT marketplaces.

Despite what was imagined, the creation of an NFT may involve more challenges than many thought. Depending on which blockchain you are minting your nft, you may be harming the environment. For example, in the Ethereum network, the Proof-of-Work consensus algorithm is used, which has an energy consumption due to the computational power needed to ensure the functioning and protection of the network. Consequently, this entails damage to the planet’s ecosystem.

Fortunately, we have projects in other blockchains with relatively low consumption and that is not as intense as in others that use consensus algorithms harmful to the environment. Kusama and Polkadot are very interesting projects that fit into an eco-friendly concept as they run low carbon blockchains.

Projects are being developed on these blockchains related to the world of NFTs, such as the NFT platform Kodadot. Learn more about the Kodadot project in this article.

What is Kodadot?

Kodadot is an NFT explorer and marketplace available on Kusama’s blockchain that uses the RMRK protocol to manage and create nfts. Due to Kusama’s limitations regarding smart contracts, the on-chain RMRK protocol ensures that information can be added as if it was noted, taking advantage of the extrinsic system present in the Polkadot ecosystem.

Low Carbon Blockchain

The project developers care about the environment, supporting the carbonless NFT movement, ensuring that the platform can contribute sustainably.

During the NFT minting process, artists can choose whether or not they want to contribute, through an additional fee to offset their carbon emissions.

This is possible thanks to the partnership with Offsetra, which guarantees not only the sale of carbon credits but also vetting the best ecological projects with sustainable ideas for our planet.

Using the platform


Kodadot’s interface is very simple and intuitive to use, featuring a dark and pink theme. At the top, you can view creation, gallery, leaderboard, and extras tabs. The platform is available in several languages, ensuring comfort and a better user experience.

In the gallery part, you can view the NFTs of other artists by searching and navigating between pages.

By clicking on an NFT, you can buy, if it is available for sale, or show appreciation by clicking on the heart icon and adding an emote corresponding to how you feel about that art. It is possible to add to a pack, also as if it were a collection of your favorites.

Creating your first NFT at Kusama

To perform your first NFT mint, you need to have some KSM to cover the mint fees, which are quite low compared to other platforms.

It is possible to purchase Kusama (KSM) by credit card and other forms of payment on the Kodadot website, through integration and partnership with (KYC may be needed to perform this procedure). This function is accessed from the Extra > Credit menu. If you choose to use exchanges, you can use Binance, Huobi, Kraken, Bithumb, or others available on CoinGecko.

It is important to note that the credit card method can be more convenient and easier for some. Both methods of obtaining KSM can contain KYC, however, exchanges are generally more bureaucratic and have a whole interface to adapt if you are just starting.

Well, you’ll need a platform-compatible wallet. I recommend that you use the Polkadot.js extension. This extension for desktop browsers is responsible for interacting with the platform for authentication and transaction signing. Regarding mobile devices, a comfortable and intuitive experience is being developed to serve more users.

The procedure for creating a wallet in Polkadot.js is very similar to what we are used to in the crypto world. Remember to backup your seed in a preferred safe place.

Feel free to fill in their artist program form and get a small amount of KSM from the artist pool to make your first mint free of charge on the platform.

Log in by clicking on the navbar at the top of the menu. Select your wallet, from the polkadot.js extension.

Click Create > Simple and fill in the information that is required to create your first NFT. If you are in doubt about any gaps, hover over the “i”.

Upload your file and the cover of your collection. Select how many editions will have of your NFT in your collection, name, symbol, description. If your NFT is NSFW, you need to enable the option for NSFW.

Select if you want to list for sale immediately, and finally check the boxes to help cover costs or if you want to do a carbonless NFT.

Click to create the NFTs and ready, your collection or your nft will be available on Kusama’s network.


Kodadot’s project is 100% community-driven and open source. In other words, feel free to be able to positively contribute to the project in any way you like. The community decides the direction of the project, with constant iteration to the codebase, interface, and functions.

Did you like it, want to know more? Feel free to try out Kodadot. Follow the official links below and interact with the community and learn more about the project.

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#Blockchain and #Crypto Enthusiast, promoter. Investor. Not a financial advisor of any form. If interested PM or add on Discord: VirtuGrana#3892

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