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By PierreL | My Work | 6 Feb 2021

After over a year without posting anything on this instagram account of mine, I decided it was time to start it up again and upload a new picture. And, by doing so, I realized I had never mentioned it here, so let me introduce you to Albert and Elizabeth:

Selfie in Paris


Albert (red belt) and Elizabeth (green belt) are my wife's and my travelling buddies. Everywhere we go, they follow, and we snap pictures of them in iconic places we visit to keep as souvenirs of our trips.

It all started in 2015, while planning our first trip together to Brussels, Belgium. As both travel and photography enthusiasts, we wanted something to photograph and document our trips, to avoid the classic, basic, boring tourist pictures. At the time, I had a wooden drawing mannequin on a shelf in my bedroom, so the idea came naturally.

Their names simply come from this first trip as well, when our first stop in Brussels was in front of the statues of Albert and Elisabeth, former king and queen of Belgium.

Since 2015, they've travelled to Belgium, France, the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Brazil, Portugal, the Netherlands, Norway and the Bahamas. Well, that's not entirely true, cause accidents happen and we've had some casualties... Albert The First lost his head in Lisbon, and Elizabeth The First lost an arm in Paris (right after that picture was taken)... So today, we're travelling with Albert III and Elizabeth II 😬.

Taking a stroll on Fort Lauderdale Beach


Building a snowman in Canada


Fishing in the Florida Keys


Finding the location and the perfect pose often take a while and a lot of tries, as you can see in the video below. We first need to come up with the background, as it has to be somewhat recognizable, and then figure out where and how to place our models. We try to be original and come up with props, or just use the environment to our advantage in any way we can. The main thing is to hide the fact that they're only 12cm tall by forcing the perspective. It's always a big challenge (that tiny snowman took us about half an hour to build in below zero temperatures for example), but when we snap the perfect picture, it makes it worth the effort! 



Thanks for reading, you can find @albert_and_elizabeth on instagram if you want to see more pictures and follow them on their adventures! And remember to stay safe if you're travelling nowadays, and to abide by local health and safety rules wherever you go.





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