📣 Presentation from Fernando of Curio Invest - Tokenized Supercars 🏎
📣 Presentation from Fernando of Curio Invest - Tokenized Supercars 🏎

By Cyril | ViableToken | 23 Jun 2019


Today the presentation is from Rey Fernando Verboonen who is the Founder of Curio Invest which is a platform to tokenize collectible assets, especially supercars like a beautiful Ferrari (☕Questions and answers below⬇)

📣 Presentation


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Hello everyone, my name is Fernando, I’m the co-founder of CurioInvest.com190903265-f2f8a9396ff61b357595fde2f43d39f54c88338dc7dd3246dbf75159e4b8e2fc.jpeg

This is a Ferrari, collectible. In 2016 a Ferrari TDF was sold for $150.000, 8 months later it was brought to an auction and sold for $1.5 Millions of dollars. So I want you to understand what that means... someone somewhere bought a supercar, parked it in his garage and earned $130.000 per month. 

It turns out that these cars are not an exception!190903265-d31907aa5100bb348e5b807817fe8464255f812b156349ed1150ebf44baccc7f.jpeg


When we look at collectibles as an alternative investment, we’ve seen that objects such as fine art, fine whiskey they have performed very attractively. However, cars have performed spectacularly increasing in value over the last 10 years by +334%.

That’s roughly about 100% higher than anything else. So then the question is: Why aren’t we all doing this? Why aren’t we all buying these supercars or fine whiskey?


Clearly, it’s not simple to get into these... 190903265-02dc56b125dfd74611a1c647c4b65c70b6fd2bb4130f37def9d7748864ce02e9.jpeg

In order to find these collectible assets, you need to have some network or context, usually al through very very narrow worth of mouth sort of thing, also the requirements for capital are very high, you need several million only to get into these asset class, and then diversity into a few cars, of course... that’s not an easy task.  

And you need some expertise, in order not only to pick the asset but store it in a garage and make sure that the car is maintained, well kept, under good conditions and so on, so that then a few months or years later you can actually sell it.

The way Curio is solving this: Asset tokenizations

It means to bring this elite market which is a collectible as an asset class and splitting it into pieces so that everyone can join it and everyone can profit from it.

So the benefits are clear, now you don’t need a high amount of capital in order to acquire a token that is linked to a supercar, and in the meantime, we take care of this car we make sure it’s stored, well kept, etc…

So basically we’re making it possible for everyone to enjoy these beautiful asset class and learn about the collectible assets and profit from it.

The way it works is really simple


You just go on our website, you signup, create an account, submit your documents and afterward you’re ready to go. You acquire a token that is a new kind of token called “asset-backed token" The token represents the fraction of the underlying asset in simple words.

Once you acquire a few tokens you can look at them in your dashboard to see how the performances have developed over the last months and ultimately decide whether to sell your tokens or to HODL. 

It’s very simple but most importantly it allows now everyone to just join these collectible assets and not just spend all their capital into one single supercar but actually distributed it, or diversified across different assets, which is very simple.

Registering the asset token with the financial regulators190903265-56a5d983d04e94d481ee80630fdc6b7e77f12fb563e0f5392722d0cd0d7f038c.jpeg

The way we’re achieving this is by registering the asset token with the financial regulators and therefore obtaining for the first time a security’s number linked to a token, so in the future when they would be an MM exchange that is fully regulated and compliant and so on, the tokens coming with an ISIN number will then be bookable through any platform and so on.

This would turn collectible assets into bankable assets so that you can have in your e-banking or any platform that you book a fraction of this supercar. This is very exciting because until now none of this was possible.

Here is a brief example is one of them


When you look at a collectible, you see how in 2015, the example  I highlighted for $150.000 and was sold recently for 1.300.000, this is actually a very limited rare supercar as you can tell it doesn’t have to be old. It can be as new as last year, but when it was manufactured there were only a limited amount of models. 


🤓 Questions


Hey!👋 If you liked this presentation you might want to check @ViableToken. It's provided by me @Cyril with one goal in mind:🎙interviewing cool people from the crypto world to show you 🙌 disruptive products in a weekly digest 📰 


You have one car that is on the website already right? Laferrari?

Yes, it’s the Ferrari F12 tour de France.

This is an example or we can already buy some shares of this car?

So right now this car is currently being sold on private sale so you can actually buy a fraction of the car already. And in the coming weeks, we’ll get the so-called ICIN number and then we’ll be able to sell it through the website.

Essentially what is relevant I think for the end user here is that the platform is out there, it is Live, it's functional, it’s not just an idea and a white paper, and that’s kinda what we focused on the last month, to make sure we have a prototype that works.

What do you think so the main motivation of the users will be to invest and make money out of those cars?

So there is a sort of gamification factor to this model, on one hand, you have investors who are looking for returns and therefore would probably be very cautious with running the analysis and look at different auctions results, and just tracking the sort of performance of the particular asset class.

on the other hand, you would have the car enthusiasts who just go for it because they actually just love the car.

Most importantly when you become a member of the platform you get some benefits and you’ll probably get to visit the car, and get invited to some events and so on.

And I think until then, there is also the opportunity of exploring the car, you probably know someone who loves supercars, they know everything out of each new car that comes to the market, they know all the specs, all the torque and speed limits and stuff like that, they are watching top gear and so on, even if they don’t intend to buy the car they're just watching to look at the review and so on. So these kinds of community it’s really a golden opportunity.

At the moment you have only one car? But many cars available to come?

Yes so over the last months we focused mainly on building this marketplace also some technology, regulatory and supply perspective, and to achieve that we’ve been building partnerships with some of the leading garages.

These are somewhat private garages where some of these supercars have never seen the light or are usually sold basically privately and we closed a partnership and therefore we’re very proud to announce that we have a deal flow or access to over 500 rare supercars located both in Switzerland as well as in Germany.

I think it’s hard to visualize that, you know when it comes to this kind of collectibles, this is a very passionate topic, so when you say 500 cars okay, it’s a number, but when you see 500 supercars. It’s an entirely different thing

And how does it work with the ownership?

Yes so at Curio we follow a different approach, one car is represented not by 1 or by 10 tokens but by 1.000 or 1 millions tokens. So let’s take an example of a car at a $1Milions car is 1 million tokens.

If you buy a fraction of those tokens, the tokens represent the expectation of the price of the car, therefore you can trade it and so on...

And so Curio is taking care of the cars?

These cars are then stored for appreciation purposes, climate control garages, we take care of the car and we make sure the service is done properly and so on, and sometimes to bring it around to you know popup stored or so and other marketing purposes.

But basically as an investor you will then get to learn about the history of the car, and participate at this stage, in the price allocation of the car.

Why those car increase in price? is it the rarity of it?

It’s a combination of different factors, there is a market for rare goods if you go right now and want to buy a Rolex at the store, guess what you can’t acquire yet now if you have the cash you have a to wait a couple of years and so on...

The same thing happens with cars and modern collectibles cars. And of course the demand get satisfied there is a premium, and there is a reason why those cars that were sold to $450.000 Was resold for action for $1.500.000.

So we’re talking about not about every single car obviously but very rare unique supercars. There are only a few of them.

Thinking of Elon Musk and his Tesla autonomous taxi cars, do you plan to add Tesla to your basket of cars?

I mean there is no doubt that what Tesla is doing nowadays is amazing I mean the technology is insane and there seems to be a growing demand for electric cars, this can also be reflected by the growing amount of revenue on companies coming from electrification, so there is definitely a niche growing there.

It’s probably a bit early to say if an average tesla is collectible, but I can imagine at some point that it might be of interest.

What are you focusing on at the moment with Curio and what is your main activity right now?

Yes so our main activity was to lay down an infrastructure that would allow us to tokenize cars on a frequent basis, we don’t want to just tokenize one car and then “ well okay we’ve done it”  we want to have a scalable approach.

So a lot of the focus is on securing partnerships that are scalable and most importantly to benefit from the growth. To give you an example, if you store a car, you might probably pay for a parking fee whatever amount of money.

But if you store a hundred cars or thousands of cars, hopefully, that amount becomes smaller. So we’ve been focusing on building relationships with suppliers and so on.

As we develop further the marketplace know we’re slowly building the community and we make sure we target the right customers and calibrating, of course, some KPI’s in order to find that one niche or hotspot.

Last question, what do you need that would help the project go ahead?

Okay so two things, we just announced our on angel.co a digital marketing challenge as we approach the market we’re really looking for support on the digital marketing part.

Specifically, someone who has experience with this kind of innovative project in the blockchain space and until then if you happen to know any car enthusiasts or crypto enthusiast who wants to talk or report or right or just share about a fascinating project with access to 500 supercars please reach out to me anytime.


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