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📣 Presentation from Fernando of Curio Invest - Tokenized Supercars 🏎

23 Jun 2019 8 minute read comments Cyril

Today the presentation is from Rey Fernando Verboonen who is the Founder of Curio Invest which is a platform to tokenize collectible assets, especially supercars like a beautiful Ferrari (☕Questions and answers below⬇) 📣 Presentation ______________...

🎙Interview with Raman Founder of 💱 Cryptojobslist 🔥

20 Jun 2019 8 minute read comments Cyril

Raman was looking for a job in the crypto space and then went on to creating 💱 the N°1 job board for crypto and blockchain companies. In this interview he is walking us through his adventure getting 1000+ of jobs listed from over 55...

📣 Ethan CEO of Crowdholding - Earn Crypto by giving feedback

24 May 2019 8 minute read comments Cyril

Today the presentation is from Ethan the CEO of - Crowdholding is a marketplace connecting startups, projects, and businesses with the community, the crowd. People can get paid, in crypto, to help the different projects listed on th...

🎙 Interview with Fatima on the largest Hydro bounty program 💧20.000.000 HYDRO Tokens reward

16 Apr 2019 5 minute read comments Cyril

I interviewed Fatima who is working on the largest bounty attributed by the Project Hydro. Currently HYDRO has 12 missions open offering a total of 21.900.000 HYDRO Tokens for developers. It represents a total of approximately $35.000 at the time of...

21,900,000 💧 HYDRO up for grab in 12 open requests | Worth $33,440 🤑 💰

16 Apr 2019 4 minute read comments Cyril

The platform Hydrogen (HYDRO) offers over $30K in bounties for developers  1 HYDRO = $0.001521 USD (16/04/2019) Live price on coinmarketcapExchanges to buy and sell HYDRO: Bittrex, UPbit, Bitforex, CoinEx, BitMart, Mercatox, IDEX, EtherDelta (ForkDel...

27 😍fresh /not fresh🤨 ideas & feedback to improve Publish0x (📅25/03/2019 )

26 Mar 2019 1 minute read comments Cyril

Hi everyone, I wrote down a list of ideas and suggestions to improve our experience with Publish0x.   [It means what it means. Those are simple ideas that I've gathered some may be good some may be bad. Just you decide and add your ideas if you want...

Why crypto people should have a look at the Publish0x content platform 🤓

22 Mar 2019 1 minute read comments Cyril

What is Publish0x? Publish0X is a crypto agnostic blogging platform whose concept is simple: People writing stuff and people reading stuff. Nothing new... except both writer and reader are paid in crypto instantly. The main aspect of publish0x is tha...

Publish0X: The 🔟 most helpful links summarized 📑

19 Mar 2019 2 minute read comments Cyril

Here is a list of the 🔟most important links to get started with publish0x and their short summary. Its goal is to help anyone find their answer as a sort of Publish0x Wiki.  1) Welcome page of publish0x2) How it works and how to earn crypto on publis...