🎙️Interview and presentation of people working on cool stuff from the 🔥 crypto space. 👉

📣 Presentation from Fernando of Curio Invest - Tokenized Supercars 🏎

23 Jun 2019 8 minute read 4 comments Cyril

Today the presentation is from Rey Fernando Verboonen who is the Founder of Curio Invest which is a platform to tokenize collectible assets, especially supercars like a beautiful Ferrari (☕Questions and answers below⬇) 📣 Presentation ______________...

🎙Interview with Raman Founder of 💱 Cryptojobslist 🔥

20 Jun 2019 8 minute read 0 comments Cyril

Raman was looking for a job in the crypto space and then went on to creating 💱 the N°1 job board for crypto and blockchain companies. In this interview he is walking us through his adventure getting 1000+ of jobs listed from over 55...

📣 Ethan CEO of Crowdholding - Earn Crypto by giving feedback

24 May 2019 8 minute read 101 comments Cyril

Today the presentation is from Ethan the CEO of - Crowdholding is a marketplace connecting startups, projects, and businesses with the community, the crowd. People can get paid, in crypto, to help the different projects listed on th...

🎙 Interview with Fatima on the largest Hydro bounty program 💧20.000.000 HYDRO Tokens reward

16 Apr 2019 5 minute read 7 comments Cyril

I interviewed Fatima who is working on the largest bounty attributed by the Project Hydro. Currently HYDRO has 12 missions open offering a total of 21.900.000 HYDRO Tokens for developers. It represents a total of approximately $35.000 at the time of...