🎙Interview with Raman Founder of 💱 Cryptojobslist 🔥
🎙Interview with Raman Founder of 💱 Cryptojobslist 🔥

By Cyril | ViableToken | 20 Jun 2019

Raman was looking for a job in the crypto space and then went on to creating 💱Cryptojobslist.com the N°1 job board for crypto and blockchain companies. In this interview he is walking us through his adventure getting 1000+ of jobs listed from over 550+ companies and tens of thousands of applications. 



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Hello. 👋 I'm Raman. My background is in software engineering, so I kind of write code all the time, all day, 24/7, and sometimes I'll sleep.😛

I created CryptoJobsList which is the N°1 job board for Blockchain, Crypto, DLC companies and jobs. And it has been running for over 1.5 years. We've been featured by major media, and all the top companies in crypto space are featuring their jobs with us. 

Before we dive in Cryptojobslist, how did you get into crypto? 

Basically, in 2014 I've heard about Bitcoin for the first time, but I didn't really dive into the technical aspects of it at the time I was mostly looking at it from a financial standpoint. So I did buy in, but I was busy with other projects because I was building my other startup.

Only back in early 2017 I kind of put my previous startup on the stealth mode, and I was exploring things on new technologies, surfing the web basically, and looking for new exciting ideas in tech.

So I came across Ethereum and during the huge bull run of 2017 I discovered what can be built on top of it. I was trying to figure out what I can actually build an engineer/developer and at some point, I was actually just looking for a job for real... And I thought that If I am really going to be getting a job It better be in a crypto/blockchain company! 

While applying for tons of jobs, it was quite a problem to even find those jobs because there were no "centralized" listings for it in this industry. If you searched for crypto on Linkedin or Indeed, nothing was really available for people to work in the crypto space.

So this is how you got the idea?

I move around all the time and I think the idea came about when I was back from San Francisco to Singapore. Back in Singapore, I was looking for some full-time offers or at least a part-time consulting position. Inspired by Peter from Levels.io I thought to myself, why not start a list?

At first, I had like super low expectations. I thought this was not going to work out and that Nobdy will care about this at all.


When was the "Aha" moment? That you saw you were onto something?

I think maybe a few weeks in or almost a month in when people started sharing it on Facebook. Also a friend of mine who was really pushing to launch it on ProductHunt.At that time I was like: "No it's not ready yet!  And my friend like: "no no you launch it!"  "OK whatever.. I should not be overthinking it." So we launched and got quite an interesting response. 

After a month or two months, people started asking how much is it to post, and that kind of rang the bell that it's probably a good sign if people are asking for the pricing...

How was the 2018 bear market for CryptoJobsList? 

After the bear market, a lot of noise got weeded out. A lot of companies who were there for the quick money just to raise ICO. They're not there anymore. And so a lot of people got burned by it and I mean in a good way. It is probably not very good for individuals but it's good for the ecosystem overall because it's getting a bit more sober.

What about the competition? 

It is pretty cool because the week I launched, I think that at least one or two other job boards launched! A month or two months later when people started noticing CryptoJobsList. A lot of people started actually, reaching out like: "Hey I'm doing the same thing! Can you give me an advice?" which was a sort of a compliment.

The competition is a bit annoying, but it's important not to be too focused on it, and better to be more focused on your customers and on companies. That's what I'm trying to do. Understanding them better, emailing them and asking a lot, how's it going? Are you able to hire someone? Are candidates good enough for your position? If candidates aren't playing, what is the reason? Are the requirements too high? I'm making sure to find a perfect candidate for them, in their city.

Sometimes they need to be a bit more open-minded about hiring remotely. I kind of have to spend some time educating companies that cannot find the "best, ideal, super rare specific talent" in their city. You It's like this famous meme: "We hire the best. We don't hire remote." 😅

What is the ratio of fully remote jobs? Is it growing?

I think the exciting thing is that Blockchain / Crypto space is very remote. It's not just "remote friendly". I'd say it's remote by default. Most of the main companies in this space are fully remote or 90% remote. Bitfinex is one of those examples where they're 100% remote which is quite impressive when you look at their trading volume.

How many of them are really paying in crypto?

It's an unfortunate surprise! Not a lot... Probably 10% if not less than that. And I think it all boils down to accounting and the source of their finances. But again within companies that pay with crypto, you need to differentiate those who pay with actual coins right. (I.E the more popular cryptocurrency) VS the ones who pay with tokens. Which is a questionable practice.

But again not to discourage anyone if they see a company with a lot of potentials and see some attractiveness in the token. You're using your own judgment and can see opportunities to accept the tokens of that company. It's just I think with a lot of people saw a lot of questionable companies and questionable offers, so it's important to stay aware of this in crypto.

What are the numbers so far for Cryptojobslist?

Right now we have about 550 companies that listed so far, and it's over 1000 jobs. And last time I checked we got about probably close to 19000 applications.

Hiring is not just a challenging space, but a challenging thing to do. Some companies might hire a ton of people and they're very successful at attracting talents and for some, it's not so evident. 

Do you work with some people who are helping you out?

So it's just Me Myself and I.  But yes this year I was trying to expand the number of people that I'm working with, and just hire some part-time help, such as some Virtual Assistants,  and trying to get different partners, who will be helping me with business development and sales.

You succeeded to create a similar product than Nomadlist, how can you scale it?

Even though it was heavily inspired by RemoteOK and by Peter's work. The difference in the direction that we have is that his applications go offsite. On my hand, I'm trying my best to keep track of the actual processes and success rates.

Which is still very hard to do, checking when actually someone got hired or not, and what's the feedback? So I'm trying to be a bit more in depth, more "high-touch" about helping those companies hire.

How do you verify that companies hired talents?

Application flow goes through us. So I can see the open rates, the companies responding to applicants, applicants responding to companies, etc.. 

But right now keeping an accurate track of who actually got hired is challenging. Sometimes a company will come back to me like "Hey we hired six people of  your job list thing that's amazing!" But there are also situations where someone will post a very difficult position and they will be upset because they could not find anyone relevant, which is quite unfortunate.

What are the most in-demand crypto jobs?

It's a mix, for a whole diversity of positions. If you compare to last year in 2017 You could see clearer spikes in solidity engineers, and engineers for specific Blockchain, like for example for Commodore or for EOS, and especially those companies who are trying to raise funds on those platforms.

Early 2018 and late 2017. A lot of companies would hire just CTO's with solidity knowledge. And usually it's just because they want to raise an ICO, and just to appear having the right team, instead of actually having the right team. But again that was the Wild Wild West times. I think today it's getting a bit more serious and bit more qualitative.

Do you select companies and their job post? 

So in the past year, I didn't have any problem with that, all the companies that posted jobs being of okay quality at least, you know it's more about whether they're able to pay or not. If you're not able to pay for hiring...

I am sure you got some offers of tokens for free listings or something...

...Oh Yeah, there was quite a bit of that!

What is your strategy to scale? Plans for the future?

I'm doing "Company Culture Interviews" so talking to a company asking them different questions about what it's like working with them? How did they get established? How are they funded? What's their favorite Gif in slack? Favorite meme? 🤪

So if you go to cryptojobslist.com/companies you will be getting all this kind of more personal, no filter information from them.

It's a bit tricky because everyone just tries to be behind this kind of you know... surface. "We are this company, we don't want to offend anyone, we don't want to be edgy, what if someone thinks about something negative about us?"

I'm trying to get no filter photos from their offices, then people geeking out, and doing beer pong or whatever. So you can just have a sense of what is it like to work with them.

Next step for CryptoJobsList, what do you need?

I think just getting more high-quality talent. It's never something you can really underrate or can get enough of. Getting more applicants and more high profile people, watching the job board, so getting more people visiting the job board and subscribing to the newsletter.

And number two is just getting more companies. So if you're a company and you're hiring or thinking about hiring, reach out to me. Post a job, if you're interested in Company Culture Interview, we can arrange that too.

Let's promote a few jobs that are currently listed? 

Torus. They're based in Singapore. They're looking for software engineer.

Status. They're looking for a product designer, remote. 

Kraken. They are looking for developers and designers.

Web3 Foundation. Pretty important foundation, they're looking for security leads.

Last words to finish the interview? 

I think one of the main drivers behind this if all of us reading right now and interested in crypto, it's about the idea of self-sovereign ownership of money, and being able to send value the world. Keep your private keys safe :)  It's important to actually to push everything forward, and not just you know not just HODL or BUIDL

We need to build in the ecosystem to move forward and it's also great for non-technical people. As a marketer, It's a great position to be in that can bring a lot of value to this ecosystem!

I appreciate it again. Thanks for the opportunity and make sure to subscribe to our newsletter on CryptoJobsList.com, follow us and Twitter. Apply to jobs. I'm sure Everyone has a lot of smart friends who could be interested in crypto jobs. So send them over 😊

Thank You 🙏

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