Why using Brave Browse enhance your security!

By alberdioni8406 | S.O.S | 25 Jul 2020

Brave Browser is a blockchain product built to enhance and assure that user browsing experience is better and free for inconveniences such as add trackers, malicious scripts. The surfing on net is protected by native shields and also gives the user to enjoy the browsing with no worries concerning security.

It's the first blockchain product built to protect users privacy and security and the first one rewarding members to surf the web. The Brave team put together two condiments that make the user experience more affordable than ever, and for each time spent on the browser you can be rewarded to watch non intrusive ads. 

The Brave Browser have a native BAT token (Basic Attention Token), like the name says, it gives the necessary attention to customers experience basically offering a token for time spent browsing the web using the tool, you get rewarded by lending some time browsing the web, really amazing!

The Team behind Brave, brought an innovative form to reward users without compromise their browsing security and privacy, users choose to watch or not the non intrusive ads, and the same ones are based in what their need to see online. All adverts the user see is based in his preferences, with that the Brave team make sure that members are only watching ads that they are intersted on!

The Brave Browser is a whole new world of privacy and security generation browser with more than 15 million monthly active users, threatening the hegemony of centralised browsers such Google chrome or Firefox, and with plenty of fans worldwide.

The Brave reward program also extends to content creators who can participate with their bloggers, Twitter profiles, twitch account, Gifhub account and more, using their online presence to invite more people to join the Brave ecosystem and with that earn BAT tokens.

It's time to change, it's time to be Brave.

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Take care.

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