The millionaire Lunch of $4.57 million just happened involving Justin Sun and Warren Buffet!

The millionaire Lunch of $4.57 million just happened involving Justin Sun and Warren Buffet!

I don't know why the TRON founder and CEO spent $4.57 million in that lunch (or now was a dinner), between him and the well known Investor Billionaire Warren Buffet, one thing I am sure, he has "balls"!

Don't get me wrong, to spent that kind of money for Just a Lunch, that was transformed in a dinner, not in planned place but in Omaha US, in terms of Mr. Warren Buffet, the  Man, has something to prove, for himself or for the world.

Let's get back to the meeting, as already said the meeting happened in Omaha, and was a dinner, not a launch this time, and Justin was accompanied with weight people as guests: Charlie Lee from Litecoin Foundation was one of them including representatives from Binance, Huobi and the CEO of Etoro!

The meeting was organized and well Funded by Justin Sun in 2019, but postponed due to a "kidney" problem by Sun, and took it to be postponed and now realized in US last month January 23.

It's quite interesting to not here that the one thing Mr. Buffet said was "blockchain has some advantages, but still in early age of existence"...after all that money invested!

The money funded by Sun will go to a Charity (not bad, goes to a social cause) and Warren Buffet choose the Glide Foundation to donate the amount, as he do that for almost 20 years now, in honour of his first wife.

Now the lunch or dinner is ended what will be the next step Justin... Is there something else needed to do or Mr. Buffet accepted to invest in TRON!! That would be a good surprise as He don't believe in crypto and one called Bitcoin "a bubble" or "rat squared"... so what was the point here!!

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