The importance of BTC in crisis time: Global donations to help fight against COVID-19.

Crisis is the major notes in the news this days and COVID-19 the most pronounced word in the global scale. The panic for the pandemic disease is On and the wealth world organization are fighting against it using all the means necessary to prevent the expansion of the Virus and money is needed to be putted on it!

The BTC is the world asset that can be very helpful in the crisis time, being a global crypto that could be used to make donations to the wealth organizations and reduce the impact of the COVID-19 in the world but in particular in the Europe, where for now is considered the epicenter of the Virus and Italy the most affected country after China! Donations to the Red Cross can now be made in BTC and it's very effective as known that Bitcoin is a Global coin that can be used without any central emission and can be exchanged for money helping the World in this nightmare times!

Anyone can donate BTC to the Red Cross in Europe and in the Italy and Holland it's more than welcome to be accepted! BTC can be down right now and what the crypto enthusiasts waited to see as BTC an asset to be different from othes, when others fall the asset rise, but its doing more than we could expect years helping solving problems of money in the world and helping the global pandemics and their consequences to the future of Humanity!

I believe that the price its important but most important also is the use case of the asset, and this one is what will open the acceptance from the world and surely the price will skyrocket!

BTC is the future of money!

**image from Pixabay with free rights for commercial.

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