The impact of COVID-19 in the crypto Industry!

The impact of COVID-19 in the crypto Industry!

Sad times are penetrating the cryptocurrency space and leading the all crypto ecosystem to fall due to COVID-19, this is turning in a nightmare in catastrophic proportions conducting it to panic and setting sell orders massively. The last week was registered a bit recovery for the Bitcoin that also took some other Cryptos to gain some value but it's far away from full power recovery!

The traditional ways of money are also facing huge recession and, for the sake of the cryptocurrency enthusiasts isn't make it a safe haven as most of us believed on it, and that is taking many to put their orders to sell off. 

But COVID-19 is killing the market or its our will who is driven it to go that deep?!

This is a great question and I believe anyone should answer it by themselves and think using own head, as the crypto market is driven by our own desires and when the panic button, or something happens that isn't planning accordingly to our wishes we  got Mad and look for someone to blame when it happen! Of course when it Ends we will see that we committed a huge mistake of analysis! 

We should stop looking for guilty ones and face  it as a crisis, no more than that, surely the "whales" will use this to make more money than ever!

The pandemic disease can also be a great opportunity to make more money thru it for the ones who a beginning or have some fiat money to put into it, as they will buy it down and earn some good profit when it rise using the power of HODL the assets they will manage to secure during this time time of global crisis!

Prognosis, yep they will exist but to be fair I particularly don't see anyone until now saying something credible about the crypto environment only speculations about, do you believe in yourself?! Just do what you mind tell you to do, analysts of any market including the crypto one, are just there to express their opinions based on some graphic studies and other material but the truth is that none of them have sure about it!

For every catastrophic situation there's something to gain from that, it's there just look closely!

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