The fair purpose of BCH as peer-to-peer are being lost: what's happened with "be your own Bank!"

The fair purpose of BCH as peer-to-peer are being lost: what's happened with "be your own Bank!"

I am worried with the turn happening in the Bitcoin Cash environment and with other crypto in general, that are turning into Bank assets not " our own Banks" as supposed!

Lately, many financial institutions and Central Banks are getting into the world of Blockchain and using crypto as a way of financial investment and offering the concept of investing holding crypto as collateral to those sponsored funds, and transforming the wonderful world of crypto as merely way to support the traditional Financial Institutions.

Bitcoin Cash isn't away for this as, we can follow up what happens to the asset when it comes to the concept of peer-to-peer cash as supposed it's dying and adoption is far to be realized, at least here in Africa where I have my community, maybe in other parts but it's taking a complex road and that is a threat!!

Bitcoin Cash is a fast way of payment and also a good way of store of value, but we are not storing value in Fiat but in crypto that could be used to exchange with other Cryptos and staff we need, not to make it as an instrument for the financial institutions to use it "to tie us" with them"!

Banks and others financial institutions are becoming Custodians of crypto because they know that, they are one step up to be obsolete, but we as crypto community, are failing and forgetting what is the really reason crypto has been on the market to be "our own bank"!

Actually Bitcoin Cash doesn't need Banks but Banks need Bitcoin Cash, so why we still giving corporations a way to explore us more?!

Are we completely decentralized?! Many doubts on that, as the ecosystem surrounding the Bitcoin Cash prepared to be a leading asset that won't need some backups from Banks?!

The whole purpose of Bitcoin Cash is failing, or we following the same way other Cryptos are taking.. I particularly prefer to stay crypto, corporations most of the time has dubious agendas, it's better to stay away from them always!

Are we can survive without the Fiat Currencies linked to the Bitcoin cash ecosystem?! As that possible?! To that happens what is needed to that become a reality!

Those answers matter as we can see, when the markets turn Green is people running to cash their Bitcoin Cash to withdraw Fiat!!

What really happened with "be your own bank"?

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