Six Cryptos that you must have on your Portfolio.

Six Cryptos that you must have on your Portfolio.

The Year is just starting and movements into the crypto space are getting traction and investors a looking to Cryptos that could make even more valuable their portfolio.

*this is not an investment advice only an informative post about prominent Cryptos,that can be used to increase your portfolio Value.*



The most valuable asset In the crypto space can't be out of this list and with the Halving happening this year and the commercial war between the USA and China the "king" can continue be a great investment asset.



This project can continue to be a good investment despite notable loss of Valorization this asset surely have something to say! 



This project is gaining traction in China and is promissing something I 2020 and that could be a good tough to have it on wallet..the asset is a combination of digital asset to real one.



This is the preferably Cryptocurrency for the responsable in classification In the center of development in technology and Information from China and have something to say in 2020.



XRP is the payment system behind many Institutional Firms and have made some good business around the globe to secure its place as leader I payment between Banks and financial institutions. The company invested a lot and will be entering new markets In 2020...the asset is known as the "the king of banking infrastructure".



 This is another interesting asset to have on portfolio and considered the "digital silver" of course many good things could happen in 2020 surrounding it.

There are more Cryptocurrency that worth to have it on your Portfolio and of course that depends only on you and the research you made...the one in the article are my favorite ones.


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