Sad people's reality: they know nothing about Cryptocurrency they just know Bitcoin!

Sad people's reality: they know nothing about Cryptocurrency they just know Bitcoin!

Times are hard also people are looking for means of living in crisis season, they actual have money but don't have time to research. Without that time to look and learn more about the Crypto world they just prefer to know about Bitcoin.

Bitcoin for most of the people is Cryptocurrency, and Cryptocurrency they don't nothing about! You can be wonder why?!

Well many people know Bitcoin as way of investment nothing more than that, if its a coin or something else they don't care as long they use their bank cards to purchase it online and make their investments it's cool. They aren't interested in learn about the asset and this is dangerous.

Is dangerous because many of this people fall in scams ponzi schemes, the ones that promise astronomical profit returns that are not more than an old scheme to steal peoples money. But because they don't know what is a decentralized asset, a private bank holding your own vault keys they continuously fall in scams.

The increase in people adherents to Bitcoin (not Cryptocurrency) have been increasing, mostly due to pandemic times caused by COVID-19, this people use their hard earned money to purchase the asset and end up being ripped off because they continue to believe that Bitcoin will make them earn money in just a couple of days, barely don't realize that isn't the Bitcoin who promise that but the business who they join.

why they have that lack of perception!?

The hability to learn, adopt and embrace it's w human capability, but many deny it and prefer the short cuts, to they dreamed fortune online and sees Bitcoin as they saviour! They don't take time to learn and that could earn them more, they could easy understand that Cryptocurrency it's a whole new world of digital assets and with bitcoin they could use it to buy them and Hodl. This manner could help this adventures on Crypto field to make more money, despite using In dubious schemes that end up stealing their money.

Learn, adopt embrace this are the tonic words and will change anyone's life.

This ignorance about Bitcoin versus Cryptocurrency is a big dilemma, I once asked about Brave Browser to my fellow African Friend Sam, and I was surprised when he told me that "doesn't know nothing about it" but this is another part of how bad is knowledge about blockchain neither Crypto, and I will be letting you know more in further articles.

Stay tuned for more, don't forget to download Brave Browser and protect your privacy also subscribe for more Cryptocurrency & Blockchain news!


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