Platform: Get paid to write and earn Bitcoin Cash BCH.
Image from Platform: Get paid to write and earn Bitcoin Cash BCH.

It's quite interesting that, what we need online as Publishers is a reliable and friendly platform to Express our feelings in our own method: writing!

A week ago I was presented a platform with similarities with our beloved Publish0x, but that offer Bitcoin Cash for the content creators.

The platform is not that big enough as Uptrennd or Publish0x but, has a quite awesome engagement that are paying for quality articles in BCH, if your Content is appreciated!

Publish0x and Uptrennd continue my best Publisher platforms and i, expect to see the Grow up like this two!

This is good to bet to diversify Publisher platform to share your online content and also the portfolio, Bitcoin Cash BCH is the 4th asset in value in CoinMarketCap and earning from your content of course really worth the time... Remember always DYOR (do your own research).

Join here to start earning Bitcoin Cash BCH from your content.

Earn 1UP tokens with the most engaged publisher platform for the moment with over 52,000 members and 20,000 monthly active users (MAU).


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Uptrennd platform by Alberto Dionisio
Uptrennd platform by Alberto Dionisio

Uptrennd is a Social Network that pay you to create content online and get engaged and all my Articles From Uptrennd I will Republish Here in this Blog!

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