One more Ponzi scheme Exposed: BitClub is Scam and 3 Leaders are in Jail.

One more Ponzi scheme Exposed: BitClub is Scam and 3 Leaders are in Jail.

Ponzi Schemes are Getting Exposed and the responsables caught,The authorities are working hard to put all criminals that use Cryptocurrency for dark purposes.


The American Justice arrested 3 Leaders of the BITCLUB Ponzi scheme,a Fraudulent business that almost took $722 Million from People.

This Scheme started back in 2014 and since them the Criminals made money scamming people promissing them to have a participation in the profit of the Cryptocurrency Mining. 

The Investments in the Mining at BITCLUB promised huge sums of money in profit of almost 300% [unbelievable] and this 3 arrested Men was responsable to find investors and also sponsor People to recruit more customers to the Ponzi scheme. 

They are being accused of conspiracy, electronic fraud and many more.


BITCLUB website still on and oblivious more people still believing that the business is legit and pays but it's an SCAM and it's a matter of days until it shutdown with peoples money.

Last month all across the Media was also spotted the case OneCoin  that also defrauded thousands of people worldwide and took away more than $4 Billions .

This won't be the latest Fraudulent business on the Crypto space and this is where you all need to lookout and make a lot of research before Investing your hard earned money, the criminals are sophisticated ,they are well organized and invest a lot of money into their Scam business JUST TO MAKE IT LOOK LIKE LEGIT!


Always research and ask opinions about business that seems too good to be most cases they are SCAMS.

Take Care and save your Money!

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