My country need support in BCH to fast adoption.
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My country need support in BCH to fast adoption.

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It's pretty bit fun, that in my country, no traces of Interest in BCH has been shown! I live in Africa, in a Country with almost 28 million people, where almost none of them doesn't know the existence of this wonderful asset!

Why I know BCH despite leaving here?! A little bit about myself!

I always worked online and, when the Cryptocurrency came abroad, I was one of them that pursued the move. I earned some BTC to my wallet ,so when the fork happened, I got some BCH on my's how I got my first BCH!

That time I was leaving in a foreign country, and when my duties there finished, I returned home to continue leaving offering Cryptocurrency to the market, and what my surprise to find that Only a few number of people only knows BTC...and never heard about BCH or any other Crypto.

I really think that here, the support in BCH is needed and not only the asset but, a school of BCH will come good!

Just imagine in a country where are 28 million people and almost all of them learning and holding some portion of BCH... That could be an intense community in Mozambique, and of course a good community to!

I believe in a startup school for BCH, but the major problem here would be funding to start Operations and expansion to that! But dreams are free😀


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