Meet up the platform where you earn Bitcoin Cash (BCH) for your publications.

Meet up the platform where you earn Bitcoin Cash (BCH) for your publications.

Content creators are always on lookout for places to share their work and with that earn revenue from that, places like Publish0x or Uptrennd even Hive are best for monetization of articles and engagement on them, people know the author also the author get known more about the platform and followers who decide to support their job.

Today I will present one more time platform as the platform is evolving and day after day becoming more interesting than ever. is a blogging platform, similar with Publish0x but with exclusive features such as fund, communities, sponsorships among many others who give content creators more earning ways compared for example with Publish0x, Uptrennd and Hive.

Publish0x is agnostic platform and reward users with BAT, DAI and LRC tokens, don't have own token token to reward users like Uptrennd or Hive which have native assets. also doesn't have a native coin but embraced the BCH coin and each user get rewarded in Bitcoin Cash for publications on the site.

Authors on the platform don't necessary have to be upvoted to make revenue on the platform, daily the fund distribute randomly points which at the end of the day are burned and converted in Bitcoin Cash (BCH) then deposited instantly on the content creator dashboard. The fund (which split daily $137 and $4,000 monthly to the users) was released months back and help to reward active users on the platform and was highly donated by Marc De Mesel who is a big Supporter of the site and is willing to see more users joining the platform.


You work still got upvote if someone decide to put money into it, but different from Publish0x users on need to have money on their wallet to be able to give authors who they like. It's big deal, as the platform gives random points daily who empower each one of the users with BCH on their wallets to withdraw or upvote people best content.

The sponsorship feature of the platform is efficient to publish your brand as you can be present in each article your sponsored author publish and in his profile for a small price starting in $.01 worth in BCH. I also forget to mention the Boost feature that's best one if you wanna gather more subscribers and get your articles exposed across the platform with each boost starting from $0.04 and during 24 hours you could have an Article shared across the platform, gaining exposure, followers and money.


It's a platform to get an account with and people are start noticing it, people are earning from $.01 to $4,000 in Upvotes (with Marc De Mesel being the most generous Upvoter on the platform) and best of all no minimum to cashout your earnings, as your account on the platform it's also your private wallet backed by your own seed phrase, the platform never hold your money! You can withdraw when you want.


Give it a try and start earning BCH with when the platform still new, with less than 11,000 and growing, its time to secure your place there! Be part of the family join below:

Take care and stay tuned for more Cryptocurrency & Blockchain news also don't forget to download Brave Browser to protect your privacy also subscribe for more updates.

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Uptrennd platform by Alberto Dionisio
Uptrennd platform by Alberto Dionisio

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