Is Brave Browser forcing Giants browsers such as Edge Browser or Chrome to adopt rewards program and privacy.
Is Brave Browser forcing Giants browsers such as Edge Browser or Chrome to adopt rewards program and privacy.

Brave Browser Platform concept of a decentralized and privacy focused ecosystem surely is worrying the corporations behind the, Traditional browsers, driven by spam, annoying trackers and selling of users data to their parties, without consent from the user!


Are the users even know how valuable the data is to those corporations?! Mostly doesn't know about, or better saying, didn't knew until Brave browser arrived into the market of innovative browsers that reward users to their interaction between the Platform.

Microsoft Edge Browser recently updated their tool to be focused in privacy and rewards for searching using the Bing but the concept is far for what decentralized tool as Brave Browser really works.

Their concept of rewards is only gives as way of payment using Charity program, donations among other. Is not really giving the word to the masses as the Brave do, you will use it but you won't be able to withdraw to a bank account.


Well, this is something that the corporation tools fail, as Edge Browser is on the Market I Bet to say that, Chrome Browser from Google, will come will an idea very soon.

The competition is coming but if it isn't a decentralized tool that gives the user the total control of what they do or watch, definitely it won't be focused in Privacy and I bet to say, how they gonna live without those tracker that earn money from them?

Brave browser is far and they can secure more numbers for now, but soon the database from Brave will "knock" this Giants... People love privacy!


Well done Brave and continue giving us the platform with awesome rewards program in BAT tokens.


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