I read the Billionaire list from 2020 here's what I found out about Crypto entrepreneurs!
I read the Billionaire list from 2020 here's what I found out about Crypto entrepreneurs!

I was surprised to read the magazine where they list the most wealth people in the world for the variously sectors of activities in the world to note that only four crypto entrepreneurs reached the 2020 list from Forbes and those ones, don't include the Binance CEO! 

Oblivious the list is headed up by Jeff Bezos the Amazon "boss" with a net worth $113 billions followed by Bill Gates, Microsoft Founder, Bernard Arnault the Magnate linked with fashion industry and the well know "Old school" investor Warren Buffet. The Fortune list is headed up with this Men, and their net worth combined can be used for almost 100 years without needing to work anymore in life, and that is a privilege and a reward for their hardworking skills and innovative business they brought to their own field of activity.


Concerning Crypto industry the four luck ones being on the billionaire list from 2020 are:

Micree Zhan ($3.3 billion) and Jihan Wu ($1.8 billion) the Bitmain co-founders;

Chris Larsen ($2.6 billion) the Ripple co-founder;

Brian Armstrong ($1 billion) the Coinbase Chief executive.

This (4) cryptocurrency entrepreneurs are the most wealthiest men in crypto with their billionaire fortune that made up on the Forbes List from 2020, with their combined net worth of $8.7 billion.

Notable is the absent of ChangPeng Zhao "CZ" the "big boss" from the most largest exchange in the world right now in volume transactions, Binance. CZ made the Forbes List from 2018 and his actually net crypto fortune can be $1.1 to $2 billion but unfortunately he didn't show up on the Global list of Billionaires from 2020, the reasons, only Forbes staff can clarify, but we can follow that list for the most  “richest people in cryptocurrency” list published in 2018 here.

Other name that didn't show up is the ConsenSys founder Joseph Lubin that also was a part of the most richest men in Crypto in 2018 and accordingly with the famous magazine his net crypto worth almost $1.5 billion.


It's quite interesting to see that Crypto industry are made up to the most famous wealth magazine and that men in cryptocurrency are getting noted and this multi-billionaire business is noticed worldwide and the ones linked to it are taking their investments very serious and changing global finances for the best.


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