FBI will Investigate the hack incident on twitter.

By alberdioni8406 | S.O.S | 17 Jul 2020

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is investigating the hack incident occurred on Twitter this Wednesday 15, and accordingly with Reuters and Wall Street Journal the U.S Federal agency started a probe but yet to issue a public statement about the matter.

Just to remember that the Twitter hacking event happened on Wednesday 15,2020 gave the criminals control of several important figures among them Barack Obama former U.S president, Joe Biden candidate on the U.S Presidential elections and former Vice-President, Bloomberg a New York Mayor and many other one involved in show biz, music industry, crypto exchanges and The world most wealthy people!

One if the account hacked on twitter, the Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos the most richest man on the planet according to Forbes Magazine.

The criminals used those accounts to spread a fake giveaway in Bitcoin, where they promise to double the initial value sent to their wallet, using the old "doubler" scheme, and with that could secure successful from their victims almost $130,000 something like 12.87 BTC. The Twitter support team already blocked those accounts and is conducting an internal investigation to gather more evidence about the incident as they believe that the hackers attacked some twitter employees in a coordinated social engineering attack to be able to control those accounts.

The involvement of FBI will conduct a separate criminal activity, which will study and track why the criminal directed hacks to High profiles on Twitter and in coming days will bring more info about the incident, voices along the twitter and Crypto space believe that the incident wasn't aleatory, and hackers didn't attacked those accounts just to spread fake BTC giveaways but looking for Information on them! For now still jus rumours...

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Stay safe.

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