COVID-19 can lead to mass adoption of cryptocurrency in the world!

COVID-19 can lead to mass adoption of cryptocurrency in the world!

It's interesting to note that the world is facing the most dangerous disease from the twenty-one century and opening also huge opportunity to mass adoption of Crypto in the world! Of course many of us just  seeing only the visible  effects of the Virus that is killing and infecting, but it's time to see this with the eyes of a Crypto enthusiast! 

Yes, that is something we don't do and see everday as we all worried about what COVID-19 effects are causing but let's see what is being doing in the monetary way to avoid more infections by COVID-19 and a possible issuance of cryptocurrency to use as store of value and making payments!


What are the measures taken by government that could lead to Crypto mass adoption?

Since the COVID-19 is out and expanding across the Globe one of the Main measures taken to avoid infections in mass was to replace the old paper notes with new ones and incentive the population to use digital payments in daily routines. This measure as seeing outside the box is a great opportunity to crypto adoption and knowledge about the cryptocurrency world, for the ones that was aware from it, as digital payments can be a good way to make payments such as e-currency working mostly wallet to spend your money as it won't give you any returns from the money you put in, different from Crypto that can be used as store of value and investment!

This is something to note, the incentive from the Authorities is opening a new way to use money as digital but won't tell you to invest on crypto...but using what the market trending now, and being cryptocurrency the most profitable way to make returns from your investments, make sense to put your money in Crypto.

Also we have that situation from China, that is developing their own central bank digital currency (CBDC) and with the imminent global crisis caused from it and being the first country to register the cases, delayed it to be released but with the recent news that are taking the Xi Jinping country to be "free" from new infections and to leave the country more secure that CBDC will be a priority now as it could reduce and almost end the infections caused from contamined money. 


Digital payments and the new developments in the world will catapult and changes in our daily routines, making the humans to adopt new ways of living and become more safer than before. Using Crypto isn't something now for enthusiasts but also for the ones who wanna give their money some value in the future.

Cryptocurrency is here to stay and  will be a Global most used payment system, can take years or even decades but in the End it will prevails.


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