Brave Browser and Publish0x the best blockchain platform combination.

Brave Browser and Publish0x the best blockchain platform combination.

Brave Browser is the security and privacy tool that allows anyone using it to be protected when browse online, no trackers, scripts, malicious spyware can break the native shields built in to secure users surfing. The Browser have almost 15 million monthly active users (MAU), using the Blockchain browser and have security enhaced.

The Brave team grant a loyal rewards program to users who make it to get spreaded all across the 4 corners of the planet and in compensation for the time spent using the browser anyone could get native tokens BAT as reward for watching non intrusive ads. This ads come as notification on users dashboard and members can choose to watch or not them, also each topic from the ads given are similar with what the users browse online.


Also the Brave Browser offer a content creator program, which give users the hability to use their website pages, Twitter accounts, twitch, Github account, YouTube to promote the affiliate program and earn passive income with everyone they bring to the website and download, install the tool staying with it for 30 days or more.

Since the release of the  rewards program many users have earned a lot of tokens worldwide, and plenty users now have knowledge about the Brave ecosystem.

In other hand I have Publish0x, the best Crypto platform for newbies and writing professionals, despite being agnostic (without native token), the site offer the best liquidity tokens on the market such as BAT (the same in Brave), DAI and Loopring. This three combined assets have a strong market cap value of more than $500 million.


Authors on Publish0x get paid money for their content with assets with really value on market, being the unique place on the whole Crypto space where users can earn free BAT besides Brave rewards program.

This two platform have been playing an important role on the decentralized world, each one with their own niches but encountering together when it comes to spread the world about Cryptocurrency.

If you still outside the Brave ecosystem don't lose one more way to grab free BAT tokens and join the Brave with Publish0x, and make it a stronger and better combination to grab tokens neither writing & reading or just watching non intrusive ads.


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