Beware from cyber attacks: the world in panic due to Corona Virus, becomes a good plate to criminals.
Beware from cyber attacks: the world in panic due to Corona Virus, becomes a good plate to criminals.

The world is facing a lot of pain and with uncertain about the definitive cure for the NCOV-19 well known as Corona Virus and with all news surrounding it becomes more dangerous to people more than we could think. It's knowing the effects of the disease that killed many people in China and are getting spreaded to more countries and continents, causing panic and taking people to negligence their security and become “a good plate” to cybercriminals.

Just to note, this guys don't sleep and a very sophisticated than ever. Their attacks are more efficient and with no traces of attacks as they use "cocktails" of methods to steal your money and special your crypto assets. It's important to stay alert and be careful about it.

One of the most common Methods of hacking is entering malicious scripts embedded into emails, videos, wallpapers, gif images among others techniques used by the attackers, that for minimal distraction on it, some or all you financial info can be stolen and lose  your assets.

It's important to not:

  • Click any suspicious links.
  • Engage with unknown websites 
  • Opening suspicious e-mails
  • Using images from dubious provenience.

Be alert and stay safe the cybercriminals are online and want your money! Don't be part of the statistics, with the imminent global spread of Corona Virus and with panicked people all over the world it time to be always on!

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