BAT and 1UP: two of my best blockchain projects with a working product.

BAT and 1UP: two of my best blockchain projects with a working product.

Greetings to all the community and I don't get tired to publish in the platform, I believe that Uptrennd have a future, a bright one, ahead and I glad to have a year and a couple of months publishing on the site.

Today I am gonna share my two best blockchain projects and why I believe this are undervalued right now but have potential to be one of the best projects worldwide in the field of cryptocurrency, and Uptrennd and Brave are my elected ones.

Why Uptrennd and Brave Browser?!

Uptrennd is the working product for 1UP token, the native asset of the blogging platform which have as main functions to reward users that get Upvotes on the platform for the content shared online (articles, comments, reposts...) and worth money in the market the token is listed. Anyone who join the platform can be paid to share amazing content also can be used in various ecosystem to tip people such in Telegram, Twitter sharing wealthy with others people turning the asset and the working product, the Uptrennd Platform, very important in the Cryptocurrency space and one of the prominent Blockchain tools to be noted in the world in the coming times.

Brave Browser is another great Blockchain working product, that is helping a lot in the surfing camp, the browser is focused in security and privacy on the web sector, blocking annoying ads and protecting users data for the dominance and stealing then be sold  to third parties.

​Also the Brave Browser have a reward program that pay users to watch non intrusive ads and that are from users preference landing directly on users dashboard in form if notification which members can choose to watch or not and the company share a percentage with this gains.

​And that's not all, also there is a creators program where content creators apply to be authors and share their social media profiles or webpage to host this program and in compensation the program pay their share in BAT tokens for every new member this creator bring to the Brave ecosystem.

I love this two Blockchain products and I believe that many good things are coming in near and long run period, Uptrennd will keep growing and Brave will keep increasing their userbase across the world, with 1UP AND BAT more and more being recognized on the crypto field.

If you still don't use Brave give it a try and won't regret to use it, download the Brave Browser and earn BAT watching non intrusive ads or as a creator, subscribe for more updates.

Have a great Sunday.

Find also the article on Uptrennd Blog.


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Uptrennd platform by Alberto Dionisio
Uptrennd platform by Alberto Dionisio

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