Unibright - 26th of August 2019 - Students, Client Consultations, Proposal Submissions

The Unibright CTO Stefan Schmidt aims to post an update each week in the official Unibright telegram to keep the community informed. Here is this week's update:

26th of August 2019 - Students, Client Consultations, Proposal Submissions


Dear Community,

This week, we will have another event with our cooperation with the Technical University in Bingen. Students are working on templates for different voting processes that are settled on the blockchain. It is about Solidity coding, and on top creating an abstract model for it that can be used by the Unibright Framework to create code for voting processes for other protocols as well.

With Unibright Solutions, we have workshops with different vendors and providers in the data center space, here we mainly talk about Custodian solutions, which will also be very relevant for our tokenization cases.

For a blockchain use case competition (backed by the German government) we work on different proposals we will hand in until the End of September.

We are building, building, building (and of course educating wherever it is needed 😉)

Have a great week,


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The UBT token is an ERC20 token, used as a voucher for the Framework, and it is the only way to access the Unibright Framework. For further details on the above, I recommend checking out these links:

Official Telegram Chat: @Unibright_IO

Official Website: Unibright.io

Official Medium Account: @unibrightIO

Official Twitter: UnibrightIO


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Unibright - Blockchain Integrations for Enterprise
Unibright - Blockchain Integrations for Enterprise

Unibright have created a Blockchain agnostic framework that can be used to integrate existing enterprise systems, such as SAP & other ERP. The framework allows the visual creation of smart contracts that can then be deployed without any coding skills.

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