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All updates here are taken directly from the official Unibright telegram. The Unibright CTO Stefan Schmidt usually posts an update on a Monday, unless there is a specific reason to hold off (For example, National Holiday or personal Vacation). The Updates are intended to keep the community updated with the weekly goings on. Any major announcements, such as partnerships, clients or development milestones, are posted on the official medium blog post.

19th of August 2019 - Follow ups, regulators, tokenization, partnerships & clients

Dear Community,

This week there will be a lot of after work of all the meetings and calls we had last week.

One area is related to legal stuff, for example we will send out a mailing to all wallet.unibright.io users soon, telling them to move their ubt from our ico solution to their own private ledgers, as this wallet was mainly used for the purpose of the ico.

Other calls are with regulators, related to best possibly prepare our tokenization cases. Here we will get support by Ernst & Young, among others.

Continuously on our list are our tracing clients, libra and other partnerships we are currently checking on.

Have a great week!


13th of August 2019 - Client & Partner Meetings, Tokenization Milestone

Dear community.
This week seems to be the week of calls and meetings, we are using Skype, Hangout, Zoom and whatever fancy conference systems out there to talk to potential partners and clients.

From development side we reach an important milestone in our tokenization cases and will focus on integration tests and deployment tasks here.

Sorry for the delay, expect our next week's update on Monday again.



5th of August 2019 - Libra Camp, Regulators, Tokenization, Partnerships

Hello dear Unibright Community,

this week started with a student's project at the Technical University in Bingen, that we "host". Students will use and extend the Unibright Framework to get their hands into Blockchain and Smart Contract Development. This is a future oriented investment, to early bring students closer to Blockchain (and hopefully meet some of them again as future Unibright developers 😉)

- LibraCamp proposals
- Conversations/Meetings with Regulators and Financial Investors on future of Tokenization and Securities (rather generic, but also interesting for our Tokenization cases)
- Development
- Partnering

In the 2nd half of the week, we will also have some face to face meetings in Berlin, moving some contacts from the digital world to the "real world", meeting them personally and in 3D 😉

Have a great week, Stefan  

30th of July 2019 - Libra Camp, Digital Asset Holdings, Tracing Consortium, Tokenization Client

Dear Community,

this week: 
- we are intensifying talks to Libracamp 
- we push our DigitalAsset partnership further to the official announcement 
- we have follow up meetings with potential participants of our planned tracing consortium
- we continue developing, mainly in the tokenization case

Have a great time!

22nd of July 2019 - Tokenization, Batch Tracing, Energy Related Start up, DAML Partnership, Libra Integration.

After some days off last week enjoying some family time we returned to the Unibright headquarters today.
This week we have quite a few meetings coming up, covering pretty much all spaces we are currently active in: our tokenization cases, our tracing cases, a new use case from a energy related startup (early stage), DAML partnership, Libra development and most probably additional things coming up we just don't know yet - it's just Monday 😉
Stay tuned and have a great week!

16th of July 2019 (Bastian Update) - Cross-Industry Tracing Template, Novatrace.org

Dear community, 
since Stefan enjoys his well-deserved vacation, I take over our Monday’s update... on Tuesday :)

This week‘s focus is on tracing...
As you guys know, we are currently working on a basis for a cross-industry tracing template.
The goal is to develop a standard that, depending on the industry, can be adapted to the respective requirements. 
We would therefore like to work with both sides equally: 
Those who issue certificates and are responsible for quality assurance (e.g. Novatrace), as well as genuine customers who wish to comply with these standards. 

This means a lot of meetings and intensive conversations, and hopefully we will be able to tell you more about their success soon.

Have a great week!


8th of July 2019 - DigitalAsset.com Partnership, DAML Integration, SAP Hana Migration, Tokenization Template

Hi Unibrighters!
This week started with another meeting with digitalasset.com on our partnership and further DAML integration today. Good progress!

Topics for our development team this week will be SAP Hana migration, and adding features to our tokenization template, here mainly addressing automated tests and some extended front-end concepts.
Have a great week!

1st of July 2019 - Libra/MOVE Integration

Dear Community.
After our successful Carbonara Launch last week, this week is mainly about setting up LIBRA/MOVE integration into the Unibright Framework. We will have a dedicated blog post on our development here soon - stay tuned!

26th of June 2019 - Carbonara Launch with Zuehlke

We are extremely excited about Carbonara. 

Unibright is blockchain agnostic and we are sure, that clients will make their decision for a specific blockchain not only by technical arguments, but also by "How green is the underlying technology"

Carbonara will raise awareness for this matter, and we invite you all to spread the word about it and to contribute (by coding, tweeting, and so on).

17th of June 2019 - Presenting the UB Framework at Synchronize Europe in London

On our way to "Synchronize Europe" conference in London, where we present Unibright and DAML together with digitalasset.com

11th of June 2019 - Blockchain Expo Europe, DigitalAsset.com partnership

Dear Community,
yesterday was an official holiday in Germany, and now we are happy to tell you what this week brings to the Unibright Universe.

One part of the team will be attending Blockchain Expo Europe next week (Amsterdam) and is preparing.

Marten and Stefan will join Snynchronize Europe (https://www.imn.org/financial-technology/conference/Synchronize-Europe/Agenda.html) in London. We are teaming up with digitalasset.com here and showing how DAML (their blockchain agnostic programming language) and Unibright can work together. Stefan will also show a demo of the Unibright Framework creating DAML code out of graphical representation with our Workflow Designer.

The Unibright / Digitalasset partnership will be launched officially some weeks after the event, but we both are really excited about joining forces. Digital Asset is backed by 15 strategic investors, including leading financial and technology companies that are uniquely positioned to help drive the adoption of blockchain solutions on a global scale.

3rd of June 2019 - Workshop, STO, Novatrace.org, Carbonara

Dear Unibright Community,
it is Monday and we just had our start into the week. A perfect moment to tell you what we are currently at:

- We are preparing the Unibright Meetup and Workshop at The Hague University, also giving an outlook on how Unibright is useful for STO related projects
- We had an exciting call with Novatrace and are aiming to work together on tracing standards for out Tracing templates and clients
- Our current plan on Carbonara is a launch at end of June (exact date will be announced soon)

We wish you a great and (uni)bright week, all the best,

27th of May 2019 - Blockchain Conference, Tracing Clients and templates, Carbonara with Zuehlke

Dear Unibright Community,
it is Monday and we just had our start into the week. A perfect moment to tell you what we are currently at:
- Ruud and Jack returned from the Malta Conference and we have to catch up to all contacts they met and made there, mainly from the STO sector, also with useful information for our real estate client
- For the tracing clients, we are preparing talks with a non-profit organization aiming to set standards in transparent tracing processes, which would be very helpful in synchronizing our batch tracing template features with international standards
- Carbonara is 90% ready, we will discuss next steps with the Zuehlke marketing team this week to ensure a proper launch of a great project

We wish you a great and (uni)bright week, all the best,

15th of May 2019 - Tokenization and cross-chain integration, German food company, ISM webinar and Unibright Meetup

Dear Unibright Community,
as it has been exactly one month after our road map update (see the pinned message), I want to give you a short heads up on some of the different client cases we have been working on, from a CTO perspective 😉

US-based real estate client (tokenization and cross-chain integration):
We made a lot of progress here, met in Dublin last week and have a development focus group working on the related template this week in Bingen (3 Backend/Blockchain Developers, 1 UX specialist, 1 front-end developer, 1 architect, 1 legal expert, 1 market expert, Ingo, Marten and me). It is still a lot of work to do, but once the template is up and running, it has potential for a lot of consumption / traction on the UB framework.

German based food company (transparent supply chain)
Basically we are using our batch tracing template here, but the specifics needed takes some time. The client is dealing with medical food, so there is studies and clinics involved and at this time we have to wait a little bit to continue. There is another (Canada based) company who want to do exactly the same, using the UB framework, and we are working on both cases in parallel to put as much domain knowledge into our template as possible.

Carbonara: Our CO2-compensation related side project also comes closer to its public launch, we expect to have something ready to show in June.

Speeches, workshops, meetups, webinars: The ISM webinar has just been published (see our Blog), and a meetup is about to come.

There are of course tons of details on all ends (development, networking, showcasing) and we still follow our credo to publish details about certain news once they are 100% fix - so this message is just the exception proving the rule 😉

More info soon, all the best,


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