Unibright - 25th of September 2019 - Question from the Community regarding Tokenization

Unibright - 25th of September 2019 - Question from the Community regarding Tokenization

Sometimes, there are insightful comments or discussions within the official Unibright telegram to provide a better insight into the weekly update and the thoughts behind what Unibright are doing. Here is one such extract:

25th of September 2019 - Question from the Community regarding Tokenization

There are a number of blockchain sceptics who claim that the scope of usecases for blockchain is (very) limited. In many cases centralized databases are the better option for enterprises than dlt due to much lower costs, much higher throughput and other factors. With this in mind, does Unibright expect enough (near) future demand for it’s blockchain based business integration solutions as additive technology to justify it’s continuation of offering these solutions?

I understand that recently Unibright got involved in the business of tokenization. Is this, because there is (too) little demand for the other blockchain based integration solutions that Unibright offers or is it a nice addition to Unibright’s portfolio of blockchain based solutions that are already in (high) demand?

Stefan Schmidt (Unibright CTO)


a mixture of all these points is "true". So great question! Thanks!

In fact, this is exactly what we have been telling from the very beginning: A new technology needs adoption, usecases, integration. Nothing will happen over night.
Still, the potential of blockchain is way more than just being a decentralized Database. A database can not perform contract base code, that various parties can rely on, for example.
Our tokenization cases are not just a nice addition to Unibright. They hold many integration cases (to asset managers, to financial ERP systems, to regulators) and a lot of code (exchange contracts, tokenization contracts, KYC and AML solutions), so tokenization will be one of the first fields where blockchain shows his advantages.
Our Framework is prepared to cover all these cases.

Asking us about future demand of blockchain in general is a little bit of crystal ball, but if we were not convinced, we would not be working on it every day by developing, educating and showcasing.



Marten Jung (Unibright CEO)


Great input indeed Wu Wei, very much appreciated, very thoughtful.

That is why we started unibright.solutions too, to work together with customers on the question which part of their existing business processes can be put on blockchain on profit of DLT technology.

And of course, as Stefan started to point out it will always be about connecting off-chain and on-chain elements of business processes. So the picture of having every part of a business process transformed into a DLT representation does not hold true for most processes.

In total that is why we focus so much on integration.


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