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Ways I'm stepping up my web3 game; plus general sector news.

By vanassen.eth | understandingadoption | 22 Sep 2022

    Hello to all my loyal followers, and anyone else who may be reading this through various web2/web3 platforms. 


     I haven't published in over a month; swamped with family and business; but don't worry, I've certainly been making sure to keep my hand in the web 3 cookie jar. 

    First of all, I'm hanging with a new crew, the Mindful Degens, our Twitter link is in the name. Essentially we're a chain agnostic,Twitter based, web 3 focused, group of individuals dedicated to quality information, content distribution, an actual community of builders; from artists, writers, coders, investors- I know, it sounds grifty so just check out our weekdaily space at 9:30am Central time. We have another project specific space, Tuesdays at 3pm Central, in which we interview project founders/devs/ or community/team leads in an AMA style. Anyone reading this who is also on Twitter is most certainly invited to come up and speak our weekday morning space; make sure to mention finding us on Publish0x! If you are a project founder looking for a neutral platform to share and be grilled on, DM the account! Our founder also records, edits, and podcasts the spaces.

    I actually found the Mindful Degens through some of their content distribution; I wrote an article about the Solona Attack based on of the founder's article, and it did really well on Publish0x. So here I am, back on Publish0x with more great content to synergize this great space. 


     A couple of changes - in addition to being on Twitter, I also have a Lens Protocol handle now; @vancat.lens- if you're not familiar with what Lens Protocol is, stay tuned for future article- for a quick look, it's essentially an exclusive NFT on Polygon that acts as a pass to let your ETH address interactwith the social media geared projects built around the Lens Protocol; the main one (at least that I'm currently using) is Lenster, a web 3 Twitter like d'app with which one uses Polygon to sign transactions (to post, comment, and like). 

            70dd6ae69bec478b6c330a8e5f9262897228ac4cd0177739932c0e5eb8cab634.png     e95b585fa9ae1badfd252261ad4594c47f5deb1c951a8ca1229a0b287b866bd9.png 

     Lens is built by the AAVE team, so alot of the big name community leads are trolling Lenster with me. 

     I'm going to start publishing my work both on as well as on If you are unfamiliar with Mirror Protocol, it's essentially a much more basic web 3 publishing/posting tool; both protocols use Arweave to publish the actual content to the permaweb; while the TXs are posted to the Polygon ledger and the Ethereum chain, respectively. Here is a link to my article about Arweave, in case you didn't catch it. 

    Not only will I now be being paid in crypto for my writing through Publish0x, but I will also be publishing all my works on blockchain; and I believe I can now call myself, a web 3 journalist. :) 

   Let's take a look at some news and facts-

      Mark Cuban calls the ETH Merge a "non event" but he's probably the only one- besides the bookoos of bullcrap influencer media, let's take a closer look at the immediate implications of the merge- ETH drops 15% since the merge- could it be due to the 30,000 ETH that the POW miners dumped back into the market? Could it be that SEC Chair Gensler noted that based on ETH's POW change to POS, it may now pass they Howey Test and be considered a security? 

     MicroStrategy buys spends another 6 million dollars to acquire 301 BTC. The buying took place from the middle of August to the beginning of September, and the average purchase price was $19,851. This brings their total average purchase price down to $30,623. Total BTC in USD being 3.981b, according to an SEC filing. At he beginning of the year, MicroStrategy had reported an average price of $30,159- this discrepancy is because of the purchase of 4,167 Bitcoins at an average price of $45,714. This most recent purchase brins the average back down to how it was at the end of last year. The purchase in April- less than a month after Do Kwon's big "bear market ending" purchases of BTC, (anyone remember that?)- was obviously a misstep. Was it smart for Microstrategy to bring their average back down? Could it flip for them by the end of the year?

   Talks of CBDCs or some variation of the term have been rippling stronger across the globe. First off, there's the Hamilton Project, (link to my most recent article published) which is a collaboration between Massachusettes Institute of Technology and the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston to conceptualize, research and develop a CBDC for the US, who are in agreement with the Deputy Bank of England and the Bank of Japan that blockchain won't be necessary for the development of a national CBDC. 

    In addition to this China expands it's digital currency the e-CNY, to four more provinces; Jiangsu, Hebei and Sichuan, as well as it's most populous province, Guongdong; while Hong Kong will begin testing of their own seperarte CBDC in Q4, the e-HKD. South Korea and Sweden have moved to the testing phase this of their CBDCs. 

     Both Binance and FTX are bidding for the liquidation of Voyager Digital's both putting in a similar bid of roughly $50 million. According to the Wall Street Journal, Binance's current offer stands just slightly higher. Neither entities have made public comment, but FTX has noted that they do have a $1bn "warchest" to "bail out distressed crypto firms and buy their assets."       That being said, the bid could go higher.


   A special thanks to Allen Taylor from Cryptocracy for his constant flow of rich content which is always available to us plebian writers. 

      Follow me on Publish 0x, Lens, Twitter, and Mirror.










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