Which fish - CBDC or BTC

CBDCs for the Captive, Bitcoin for the Free?

By Tomadachi | Understanding | 14 Nov 2020

Someone wiser than me once said, "Listen to people when they are angry, because that is when the real truth comes out." 

Old poets however, from Chaucer to Ebsworth, have suggested humour is the place where truth can be found, spawning the adage: "Many a true word is spoken in jest."

Plenty of anger, humour and a sprinkling of expletives were on display in a recent publish0x article written by AlucardLife as they dissected the merits of central banks digital currencies (CBDCs).

Titled "Should CBDCs be Classified as Shitcoins?" AlucardLife piece was responding to an earlier posting from bitcoinhog who asserted that "Central Banks Should Focus On Bitcoin, Not Create Their Shit-Coin".

While personally I agree with both authors and urge others to read their work, it is not the conclusions that I want to focus on here in this esoteric-type blog, rather just one pasage from AlucardLife where they suggest CBDCs will likely co-exist with the likes of bitcoin:

I don't believe in an either-or future. There will be plenty of room for socialists who need CBDCs and plenty of room for ultra capitalists who prefer the more efficient system of bitcoin...

Admission of Guilt

There is always a danger in isolating words from a greater body of text in that the original intention can be distorted to fit another narrative.

I hold my hands up here and confess guilt before progressing any further. There is no implication that AlucardLife agrees with my interpretation.

For the record, AlucardLife appears to have his feet firmly planted on the ground and comes at the issue head on, no holds-barred - it is me, the author you are reading now who has his head in the clouds. 

I do this as to look up simply helps me to understand the bigger picture and brings a clarity to a world that is distorted through lack of truth.

Age of Pisces

Many of you may already know, we are living in the last stages of the age of Pisces, entering into the dawn of Aquarius.

Pisces of course is portrayed as two fish, swimming in opposite directions.

Pisces basic

You don't have to believe in astrology to see the wide divisions throughout society right now. It doesn't matter if you focus on politics, mainstream media, religion, vaccinations, lockdowns or whatever, the polar opposites of opinion are evident to all.

The Pisces image does a reasonable job in conveying that split in a concise manner.

But when we stand-under the night sky and look up at Pisces we get to under-stand how that division is playing out in a longer time frame because as above, so below.

Pisces sky

Image: Screenshot from Stellarium software

The constellations show us the Pisces fish ardently swimming away from each other.

Both are trying to free themselves from Cetus but only one fish is seeking shelter in the age of Aquarius which is an air sign traditionally connected with individual sovereignty, uniqueness operating within a group, social justice and technology. In doing so, the fish brushes alongside Pegasus, the stars associated with memory, so the fish begins to remember and/or awaken.

The other fish has chosen to aim for the constellation of Andromeda. Those who know their Greek mythology will know Andromeda as the chained woman, a sacrifice to appease the gods.

What's Fish Got to do with CBDCs?

AlucardLife clearly articulated the opinion that CBDCs and bitcoin will co-exist as they provide something of value for people with different mindsets. 

It is worth repeating though that while a CBDC is capable of sustaining a population through the implementation of universal basic income (UBI), it will also ensure every participant's compliance with any directive from the currency controller or penalties - of varying magnitude - could be applied to reduce or halt access to funding.

This isn't a new concept, the love of money has always, in our lifetimes at any rate, been used as a means of control and acceptance. The CBDC just takes this a step further, a final step if you like.

The father of analytical psychology, Carl Jung, defined the risk involved in chaining oneself too tightly to the State in his work, Civilisations in Transition: "The increasing dependence on the State is anything but a healthy symptom, it means that the whole nation is in a fair way to becoming a herd of sheep, constantly relying on a shepherd to drive them into good pastures. The shepherd's staff soon becomes a rod of iron, and the shepherds turn into wolves..."

Without external access to income it is not hard to see we will become literally chained to the rock of State. i.e.: Andromeda - to be devoured or saved by an external force.

The fish steaming towards Aquarius appears to want nothing to do with chains (unless they are of a decentralised variety?) and is seeking freedom.

We all get to choose which fish we are going to be and for a time the two types of fish will co-exist but increasingly they will drift apart.

Some of us will make the choice of our direction based on understanding, some on long held beliefs, some through ignorance, but one way or another, a decision has to be made.

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