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Should CBDCs be Classified as Shitcoins?

By Jimmython | cryptoinvesting | 13 Nov 2020

I just read an encouraging article from bitcoinhog correctly classifying the behavior of tradfi as ridiculously self-serving and flawed technically. I see potential in the Publish0x community because it supports articles that throw caution to the wind and unabashedly lash out at stupidity, no matter how deeply that stupidity is underwritten.

The major idea in the bitcoinhog article that I'm promoting is the idea of CBDCs as shitcoins. It's so simple, yet so truthful. I got one of those "why didn't I think of that" thought sprees after I read the article, linked above. Then I realized that it doesn't matter who thought of it as long as it actually gets implemented. This shitty idea of shitty CBDCs as somehow relevant or forward thinking is ridiculous enough to have been thought of by the same shill who thought up Decore or Keep4r. These derivative f***s don't deserve attention, but since they somehow sit at the helm of the global financial structure and hold multiple degrees each, they are somehow considered as serious opinions.

I mean, think about it. These so called world leaders are acting exactly the same as some newbie dev who's scared of missing out on the latest defi trend. You'd think that with all of the intellectual advantages that someone like a Klaus Schwab has, he'd have thought up the idea of a fixed supply digital currency years before bitcoin. Their genetics are superior, according to all the studies they underwrite, after all. The reality is that these f******g s**tbags are decades behind. How? They've been given the penultimate in opportunity and access. And here I am still censoring my own cusswords because I'm scared that these degenerates may have somehow infiltrated Publish0x and I'll lose my opportunity at passive income if I criticize them too heavily.

I won't live with this kind of soul. I wasn't born with it. Every weakness, I find, is a limitation imposed from an outside source. I am relieved in the writing of this article that my subconscious has the will to push forward despite my fear and very real financial limitations. No, I haven't 5Xd my portfolio yet. I'm making it, but I'm still quite chucking in the weeds on my overall ROI.

I'm betting big time on bitcoin specifically and crypto in general. I'm not a maximalist. I believe that properly maintained altcoins have something to add to the next phase of monetary empowerment. Bitcoin adds pure value. There are many other altcoins that serve other purposes. If it doesn't work out, I'm not having any children, I'm not going to own a house in or add substantially to the tax revenue of any country, and I'm not going to give a fuck about any mainstream issue whatsoever in any form because I won't have a stake in it.

That's what I have to give up in order to express myself while fucks like Charles Santa fucking Klaus FUCKING Schwab get to shit their stupid ideas on the world with no accountability whatsoever. Nobody would even know his name unless he decided the world's financial situation was so shitty as to warrant his fucking presence. He did, so now he's being talked about. While he initiates the Great Reset with basically no accountability whatsoever, I'm just trying to present a stable financial presence to my woman and somehow get money for my parents' old age. And somehow this fuck, this asshole who fucked shit up for my woman and my parents thinks that he has better ideas than me about how to make sure my loved ones are taken care of. Fucking James Bond villain lookin motherFUCKER. Him and his whole private school third grade class.

What the fuck was I talking about? Oh yeah, should CBDCs be classified as shitcoins. Absolutely, yes. Why? The mere mention of CBDCs, the next phase in global fuckuppery, creates the energy within me to go on this rampage. There is nothing good about centralized digital currency for me. Maybe for you there is. Not for me. I don't believe in an either-or future. There will be plenty of room for socialists who need CBDCs and plenty of room for ultra capitalists who prefer the more efficient system of bitcoin. Modern monetary theory is correct, if not efficient. If the world moves into a unified, socialized currency, then there is no such thing as government debt. Who the fuck is calling the debt, Martians? If every world government agrees that they are collectively the highest power to answer to, then debt on the national level ceases to exist.

If there was nothing to compare the CBDC shitcoin to, then it wouldn't be a shitcoin. Governments would debase it as needed and manipulate the currency to their ends, paying trillions of the shitcoins to their media to fool the populace into thinking they were getting richer. However, there is something to compare it to. Bitcoin. Bitcoin is financially efficient, it solves problems without the need of centralized entities, and somehow it provides enough for the entire world with a limited supply. Fiat somehow provides economic INEQUALITY with an UNLIMITED supply. it doesn't make sense, but it totally does. Just turn off the computer and think for a few minutes. It'll come to you.

Plus, and this is a huge part of why fiat doesn't work — the arrogance that it takes to assume that you have the best ideas for tens of millions of people and should have the power to invoke those ideas with military backing is completely foreign to me. There are people with the completely opposite idea, who believe that their ideas deserve the force of law. These people often have trouble when challenged in the free market of ideas, and are therefore inclined to believe in socialist/Marxist/communist ideals. All I want is for you pieces of shit to get the FUCK out of my way when I try to get money and don't try to force me to buy your utilities or genetically modified food. I want to have bitcoin to provide value to those I transact with. I want to be able to collect rainwater because that's just smart, and I don't want to be looked at as detrimental to society just because I have a generator or alternative energy sources. Easy. Dumbasses.

(I am hardly a right winger, so please don't gravitate towards me because you disagree with Marx. You likely have other weaknesses that I detest. I'm not you.)

Wow. Bitcoinhog inspired this drunken rampage, and some weird gin/lime mix provided the gas for me to go this long. Publish0x allowed it, so thank you to them as well. You do great work. I know that I have some genuine ideas in here somewhere that will help someone if they believe in them wholeheartedly. I'm not a stupid person. I'm at LEAST as smart as Klaus fucking Schwab. He does have a much cooler name than me, though. I took mine from a goddamn video game.

Let's cut this off for now. I'll have more cogent ideas in the very near future. The ideas in this article, however, can be followed if the reader is properly equipped (go drink).

Bottom line: Until you idiots who hawk CBDCs can use your multiple degrees and genetic pedigree to come up with a better solution to the world's monetary problems than "print money," anything your stupid ass comes up with is officially a fucking shitcoin. Direct challenge. Fuck you.

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