Central Banks Should Focus On Bitcoin, Not Create Their Shit-Coin

By bitcoin2009 | bitcoin2009 | 13 Nov 2020

Bitcoin price – ECB’s Lagarde Has ‘Hunch’ Digital Euro Will Launch in 2-Four Years - In my opinion, these CBDC's (Central Bank Digital Currencies or Government money) are partly in response to Bitcoin; however I really don't think they're overly threatened by it...yet. By making government money digital, it can be easily audited & you can control your citizens more i.e mandatory COVID-19 shot or we freeze your funds & cancel your digital passport so you can't travel. These CBDC's only strip more privacy & rights from the average person. As you can see, they don't fix the under lying problem, they make it far worse for the people. The elite wealth love this system, they just keep getting richer - soon trillionaires will be the new billionaires.

The debt bubble is expanding out of control; the longer this system is revived, the worse the upcoming depression will be. If you understand exponential growth, this bubble should worry you. It now comes down to one question: how much longer can governments print money to service the debt & prop up the economy? This system is on life support. There's going to be an overnight cascade of loan & mortgage defaults like 2008 - this time far worse. Everyone is cheering because their assets are on the rise - it's all fake. The true value of money has been lost. Bitcoin brings it back.

Bitcoin is the bridge into a world of better money. I think it will soften the blow of what's ahead. It's a tool for each & every person on this planet to make their own decisions. It allows anyone to save their money without losing value from the action of governments. The money printing & currency devaluations cannot be stopped. All these fiat currencies trend to zero over time. They don't have a choice, they have to keep printing money to create the illusion everything is healthy. If they stop, it all collapses. I think they're going to keep doing everything they can to revive it. Politicians in control want it their way, Bitcoin takes all this away from them. It redistributes wealth from the few to the many. The fact they've let Bitcoin go this far, makes me believe most of them still do get it. It's too late, it doesn't matter what anyone says from here on in; betting that Bitcoin will fail only demonstrates ignorance. Bitcoin is a proper global reset of the financial system.

The number one reason Bitcoin is better: it has a fixed supply. You simply cannot print more of it to fund government activity. You cannot manipulate the supply & funnel the majority of the money into the hands of the few, whilst impoverishing the many. People will always have different levels of wealth, however it gives everyone a fair chance to succeed off zero. Bitcoin fixes wealth inequality; it doesn't matter what family you're born into, you're only disadvantaged by you're own motivation & hard work. Bitcoin is free-market-capitalism without government monopolies; which means you have an incentive to save, invest, & build for you & future generations. If you make money in the current system; the government forcefully takes a percentage of your profits/earnings, whilst inflating your hard earned dollars away. On top of this, they're forever increasing taxation (some transparent, many hidden). The treadmill just keeps getting faster. 

I'm under the opinion most governments/central banks have not yet worked out Bitcoin's economic or game theory incentives. They are only hurting their people more & losing time & money to accumulate Bitcoin on the cheap (I hope more people buy before the central banks). Bitcoin has already won. If you can't see this yet you're either too gullible & have far too much trust in your government, or you're distracted by some other shit-coin in the alt-coin sphere. Learn from my advice, I've lost way too much money on shit-coins in the past - just buy Bitcoin.

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