Why you should and shouldn't get into Alienworlds as a new player (2023)

By UltraDec | Alienworlds | 9 Jun 2023

So it's been almost 2 years since I wrote this (link to the post in which I covered some pros and cons about getting into Alienworlds at the time) so I figured I should do a bit of an update to make it more accurate for the current state of Alienworlds. Once again, let's take a look at the good and bad aspects of getting into Alienworlds.


Starting off with the positives:

-Alienworlds has proven to be a consistent and reliable TLM faucet which has lasted over 3 years so far. TLM mined can be converted to WAX on Alcor Exchange (and others such as Taco Swap) where you can either trade or swap for WAX. 

-Low effort. Clicking twice to mine and submit every so often is simple and mindless, letting you grow with minimal effort. There is also a sound warning which is played when the timer is up so you can mine again, meaning you don't need to think about when your next mine is. If you need to focus, you can of course disable this sound.

-No entry cost. With the exception of needing to pay for CPU (not a repeated expense) so you can keep mining, you can get into Alienworlds straight away and get mining with your free shovel. Naturally, it won't be very effective but free is free.

-Landholders from different projects hold events which, when you mine on their land, give you a chance to earn free NFTs every time you mine.


Let's move on to the negatives:

-Unless you choose to buy expensive, high-rarity tools, you will be splitting the TLM pool for abundant/common tools with a lot of other people (and probably bots). Put simply, if you don't plan to spend WAX (which is fine), expect minimal rewards.

-Unlike the old NFT mining, with the new NFT point system it takes a long time to afford even the cheapest NFTs and that's even with high NFT mining power. 

-While minimal effort is great, it is important to see how this similarly corresponds to low enjoyment. Obviously, it's great to get free stuff so that in itself is enjoyable but mining can get boring and monotonous so for many people, it might not seem worthwhile.

-There are other projects on WAX which, while smaller and perhaps less reliable, with even a bit of investment can give greater returns as well as being more enjoyable as more and more P2E games appear on the chain.


Weighing up both sides, I still believe Alienworlds is worthwhile for all beginners on the WAX blockchain. With its simple 'click to earn' approach, it makes building up your collection a slow, yet doable task. And besides, there is no reason why you can't use Alienworlds to gather the funds you need to branch out into a different project which you believe to be more fun/profitable. Of course, this is just my opinion and there are many others out there and the pros and cons I gave are just some of many as I'm sure my goldfish memory has missed out on some. 

Regardless of whether you are a beginner or veteran to WAX I'd recommend giving Alienworlds a try to see if you find it worthwhile. After all, who doesn't like free things?





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