Earthing and Healing

Start Earthing Today & Start Healing

By Eye Create Content | TwoSuns | 21 Aug 2020

The Earth Is Energizing 

Our home is alive and full of energy. Earth is like a super battery continually being charged by solar energy. This supercharged battery is essential to all life; it keeps everything going connected and balanced.

The earth and the sun work together, the sun powers up the earth, keeping it well energized and producing everything that humans, land, and water animals need.

Once mother earth is charged, she is ready to replenish all living souls, and plants visiting her home. The truth is everything is electrical!

We are electrical beings, and our body has electrical systems that continue to operate until it is no longer functional. For instance, the heart is one of the most important electrical functions in our body. The heartbeat is on a timer that regulates an electrical conduction system generating impulses 60 to 100 times per minute in normal conditions. 

Each one of us has electrical circuits receiving and transmitting energy at a certain frequency.  

Earth has the complete and right frequency that each one of us can receive and need to maintain a healthy, functional living body. 

Being connected to earth allows our bodies to receive these nurturing electrical signals.

Can Being Disconnected From Earth Affect Your Health?

After some research and study, I have found that this disconnection to earth can actually be causing us health problems and making some of us suffer in numerous ways.

Some of us are so far disconnected from mother earth because the majority of the population sit at a desk or in their home most of the day watching TV or on other electrical devices. I would assume a good percentage have chronic pain, illnesses, or diseases they're battling with. 

When we are disconnected from Mother Earth, we lose balance, focus, and sometimes we are out of control like an electrical car system malfunctioning and shortening sometimes.

"Dr. Axe- Research has shown that the earth gives off negative charges that help stabilize the body's bioelectrical system that normalizes the whole body." 

The earth gives off certain natural frequencies that are called free electrons. We cannot see these, but for some reason, we can feel them if we pay close attention; it is a type of silent energy floating around us.

Both the earth and our bodies contain a lot of water and minerals that are used as conductors of free electrons.

"Our body is made of 60% water, with the heart and brain composed of 73% water and lungs 83% water. -"

These types of materials such as plastic, rubber, wood, and glass block the free electrons that are trying to flow.

Now let's think about certain materials that we use every day that are blocking these electrons.

By wearing tennis shoes, or other forms of shoes like heels that constantly cover our feet restricts us from the electrical plugs that we need to be connected to the Earth network.

I remember as a young girl never wanting to keep my socks and shoes on running and playing outside. I guess as you get older, you're conditioned to always have something on your feet, and you start to disconnect with nature and earth's electrical healing properties.

A house and a car both contain blocking materials that are separating us from the earth's electric energy.

We also sleep on elevated beds, some of us so high that we can almost touch the ceilings. Sleeping far away from the ground on a thick mattress also makes us lose a close connection that we could have with the earth.

Over time we become disconnected to earth's electromagnetic frequencies that keep us aligned.

How to Connect to the Earth and Heal

Earth's vibrations can be felt all around us, and we can have a profound experience if we learned certain ways to connect to her.

Have you noticed when someone doesn't feel well or in pain, most would rather fall to the ground then sit in a chair or lie down on a couch.

I know when feeling frustrated or upset, you can step outside and feel a decrease in your mood.

We need to ground ourselves to replenish the electrical system with a certain nutrient that's only available through the earth. The ground holds healing properties that we can take advantage of.

When you're earthing, your body receives a negative charge of free electrons from the surface of the earth.

Here are some ways that we can earn and reap the benefits without expensive prescriptions and ongoing pain and discomfort.

  • Walk barefoot, sit or lay outside on the ground
  • Visit the Beach
  • Connect to a grounding device
  • Hold warm crystals in your hand
  • Gardening

We should be motivated to have a connection and relationship with mother Earth by taking our walking barefoot in the grass, sit or lie down in the grass or participate in other outdoor activities. 

It's nurturing to the body and the soul to ground ourselves in nature; this process is called Earthing.

Can you remember the last time you earth? 

Do you remember how you felt after you walked barefoot outside or at the beach?

For some reason, it's very therapeutic to not only be by the ocean water but to have your feet buried in the sand. Even if you can't get to a beach or hike, you can always just sit under a nice tree in a park with your feet touching the ground, your toes mingling in the grass.

You can also discover your backyard or on your front porch, sit with no socks on, no shoes, and connect with the electromagnetic frequency the earth is transmuting.

There is also another method that is becoming more popular is connecting to a grounding device, like a mat or blanket. The mats or blankets will bring inside the earth's healing connection. Check out the  Grounding Sheet will help you sleep better, reduce inflammation, accelerate wound healing, boost energy, improve circulation, and release stress.

Another one that I found that helps and feels good is to warm up crystals or Himalaya salt in the sun or under a candle then hold them. Not only have I found relief in arm or neck pain, but I also felt very relaxed. You can also achieve a better effect if you sit or stand outside barefoot while doing it.

Earthing and Healing

Gardening is another common way to earth. It doesn't take much to garden. If you have decent soil, you can go ahead and start planting. You can also purchase some organic soil from your local hardware store along with planters to plant you some flowers or vegetables, making sure to get your hands and feet dirty. 

What you can expect from Earthing is a decrease in inflammation-related diseases.

Inflammation is one of the main causes of many diseases, and when you ground yourself, it helps eliminate inflammation and build up your immune system; therefore, you can better attack or prevent diseases.

May decrease chronic pain may even eliminate all chronic pain and disorders.

Help you to sleep better

You will have more energy

You will experience less stress

And for the most part, a more balanced regulated system stabilizing a healthy natural rhythm

There are great benefits that come with grounding, but before considering doing some grounding techniques, be sure to check with your doctor and understand how it might affect you if you take blood thinners. I also wouldn't advise wiring your home yourself, maybe leave that up to the professionals.

However, earthing is considered a natural remedy for illnesses, pain, stress, and depression.


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