Crypto Box Red Packet Campaign on Binance

By Tšuhna | Tsuhna rants and raves | 2 Apr 2023

So, I came across an invite link to a special campaign on Binance; existing Binance Pay users get free USDT (limited supply) and if they invite a friend to complete KYC they get another box containing between 0.01 and 3 USDT (also limited supply) (I got 0.1 myself)

"But Tšuhna, what's Binance?" Someone might ask, well, I'll tell you, Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange, apparently the largest in the World, they have other services in addition to their exchange as well such as a free Visa debit card you can use to spend your crypto, there's more but honestly I am not familiar with the rest, I mostly use Binance to spend my crypto, which Binance has made rather easier than any other exchange I know as they support multiple networks.

Anyway, as said there's a campaign going on for the entire month

here's my link


What are you waiting for? Go claim free USDT while they are still available!

edit: looks like this time it's USDT.

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