Struggling on Steemit? Give Steemleo a try :D

By trumpman | trumpman | 6 Dec 2019

Just spend the last 15 minutes selling various shitty steem engine tokens I got for free to buy myself some more tasty steemleo.. Nothing, special, just a couple of dozens. But hey, it's free! 

And I just i figured it's a good time to shill steemleo again. So, are you struggling to make a penny on steemit? Then why don't give steemleo a try? Just make sure to publish your post through and make sure it's something constructive, that's somehow related with investing. It can be about cryptos, stocks, precious metals, I am sure you can come up with something! And if you do that, there is a good chance you will get a nice juice vote from the leovoter bot which upvotes content published through steemleo:


0.92 $ ! Not bad! 

But wait, there's more! Other than steem, you will also get paid in SteemLeo:


And believe me! You do want to get your hands on some LEO, even if it's just a couple coins here and there just be posting. Little by little, this baby keeps growing, even during this bear market:


Imagine what will happen when (if?) the bulls make a return!

The monthly coin burns definitely help a lot ;)


  • Post through steemleo
  • Profit!

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